Broken Bones

June 9, 2011
By Olympiada BRONZE, Aroura, Oregon
Olympiada BRONZE, Aroura, Oregon
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There I was sitting at my house so bored. My family and I lived in Silverton at that time. Because it was a beautiful day outside, my mom told me to go outside. When I was walking outside, I saw a bird fly into the trees, and I thought about me flying. So I thought about it; I saw how they flew and wanted to do it. While I was still seeing all the birds fly into the trees and out of the trees, I wanted to do it more and more.

I went up to my mom and asked her if I could fly. She told me I could do what ever I set my mind to. So I went outside and went on a swing I swung back and forth back and forth then I jumped off. I hit my head on the ground really hard. But I never cried then I went inside and my mom was freaking out that I got my new dress dirty. My head was very bet up it was bleeding. She told me to go up stairs and take a bath but instead I went to my room and jumped off my bed a couple times but it never worked.

Then after I took my bath my mom set up this movie for me I was watching it was the most stupid movie I have ever seen. Then it started to get really exiting people jump off a plain with a thing that brought them right to the ground. I was so amazed I wanted to try that. So I look for one of the things on the TV. didnt’t find any thing so I went to my club house it was very tall and big. I took my dress and I tried to fly but I feel straight to the bottom. I got the wind knocked out of me my dad came running and he was freaking out and he was looking at me and asked if I am ok. I looked at him and told him I wanted to fly and he told me we can’t fly. I ran to my room I cried for the longest time my mom said” FOOD IS READY!” every one came running down the stairs and I was walking very slow and very sad. I ate the went outside. My dog followed me then I yelled at it and my dad thought I was going crazy but I wasn’t. So then my Grandpa came over and he was going to cut down one of the trees at my house. I saw so many birds flying out of the tree.

I went away from every one my little sister Susanna followed me she was four at the time. She was laughing and I told her to go but she didn’t listen so I put her inside the baby swing and locked her in there. She started to scream and cry. So I went to the highest tree there was at my house and started to climb it. I climb to the top. My mom came running because she heard my sister cry then she saw me.

She said” Olympiada if you don’t get down your going to get in so much trouble. So I was climbing down and missed a step and fell out of the tree I fell very far down and landed on this cement I landed on my nose. My nose was bleeding badly and I wad crying. My mom rushed me to the Silverton Hospital they took me in and the tried putting my nose back but I was crying and yelled a lot and slapped them.

After all that they just cleaned it and I was so scared. My dad ran into the hospital and asked me why I climbed a tree in the first place and I told him I wanted to fly he looked at me and said” People can’t fly because there fat” so after that didnt’t eat for the longest time. And that started a whole new problem. I only ate a little at a time. My mom and dad flipped because they said that if I don’t eat then I am going to get really sick. I still didn’t eat,

A month later I got really sick because I wasn’t eating my foods. The doctor told me if I don’t eat I won’t grow. So my mom bought me a burger and I ate it. I went to school the next day me and my friend Kaya hung out and I told her every thing that happened. Then I asked my teacher about birds and she told me that are next topic to learn about.

I was so exited to go to school the next day. I went to school and we learned about birds and how they flew and then I stopped and asked her why couldn’t kids fly and she said because we where meant to stay on the ground. Then I realized that oh we can’t fly. I came home and told my mom everything and she was so happy I was done with that part of my life.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece beacuse i wanted people know know how i broke my nose.

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