A Purpose to Life

June 9, 2011
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People search all there life to find the purpose why there here in this world and probably die not knowing. But what’s the fun in that; why can’t we just live our life anonymous. I just say live life to the fullest and if you don’t then you will truly not know how it is to live life at all. Don’t question anything; if it sounds fun, just do it. Money is a key factor in life but you need to earn it, you can’t just go steal it from someone or rob a bank, you have to work for it and in the end, it will pay off.

This world can be a puzzle and the more pieces you put together, the more it makes since. Take the time to take interest on what’s actually important and you will find out that you don’t need anything fancy to be happy. This world is your play land and you need to take advantage of it. don’t live your life doing the same routine everyday. Just spice up your life up as much as possible and everything wouldn’t be so dull.

As long as you have a partner by your side every step of the way then your life would work out just fine. You wouldn’t need anything else but them. A life with no one to talk to or share your feelings with would be very depressing and is one of the causes of suicide. Be careful who you pick to spend the rest of your life with because if you pick the wrong person you’re going to be too far in and you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Some people take school as a joke but it’s more important than you think; even though you don’t think your learning anything. Your brain is the most complicating thing in your body; you only use 10% of brain when you are young but as you get older you use more and school trains your brain so that it could use more. If you do well in school in school then you can get a good job for a family and a happy life.

Money can be a very depressing thing and can even cause the person you love the most split up with you. If everything was free we would have nothing to fight about and you just need to do your part in life and everything would go well. The world would simply just be at peace. The whole purpose to life is that there is no purpose, its just life and you have to take it as it is and live it as long and happy as possible. Happiness comes from love and friendship and that’s all you will truly need in life.

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