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Summer Nostalgia

June 9, 2011
By ninjadragon56 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
ninjadragon56 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Summer time. Every single child looks forward to the late nights and long days, basking in the warmth of friends, family and in the comfort of solitude. Days of boredom come and go, and busy weekends fly by faster then we realize but these lethargic days of summer pass by in a deliciously long time.

These days of summer are the best ones. These are the ones we reminisce over when school comes back around and we tell our new found friends the memories we made. All of the inside jokes and secrets shared between whispering mouths and listening ears. Joys and the simple yet beautiful delirium of all of you problems washing away along with the dirt caked on your hands.

Late nights with friends, curled together under sheets because the comforter was too hot. Finally sharing secret crushes and new ideas with each other. Knowing the other listening and not caring about the hours ticking away on the clock. As the hours pass by and murmured conversations slowly turn to patterned breathing sleep comes. Deep dark, dream filled and refreshing sleep in each others arms.

Waking up late in the day after a meager but full sleep provides us with the energy to stumble down the steps. Our mouths are un-brushed and crave for breakfast. Unlike the rushed school days where eating is the last thing on our minds we actually care for food. Pancakes or waffles or croissants with egg and sausage fill heads. We eat slowly and taste each and every morsel. Everything—even the burned edges of the toast and over buttered and soggy pancakes, tastes good in our sleepy morning minds.

As the day passes slowly nothing is accomplished. No worries are had and deadlines are meaningless in this endless expanse of calm.

Calm but not unsatisfying.

Trips are made to the pool, to small corner shops with the best food and sweets in the world. We run barefoot over blazing hot concrete laughing and happy. We anticipate the days to come and the hours ahead filled with doing not much of anything.

Sunburns form on our shoulders and our cheeks redden with heat. No one cares though, as long as we are outside, smiling and entertained by simple things it doesn’t matter how silly we look or how much time passes contemplating the insignificant. We have the sun, the sky, each other and the whole world in our grasp.

Descents into basements and feeling the temperature drop with each step is in order. Cold bottles of lightly carbonated drinks and chips fill the cool leather couch as we settle down to watch a show or movie. Our minds and bodies exhausted from the lack and excess amount of activity.

Time continues to pass and before anyone realizes it goodbyes are in order. Unlike most times these are not bittersweet goodbyes. These summer days’ goodbyes are only “until tomorrow”’s even if it is not the next day we see them again. There is no remorse in the leaving and no need for exuberant conversation in the car ride or walk home.

Comfortable sleepiness rolls in and relaxation in the comfort of a cool room is just what the doctor ordered. Catnaps in shaded patches rest us and the day fades to black slowly leaving plenty of time for the summer nostalgia.

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