people can never change!

June 8, 2011
By bigzuesy34 BRONZE, Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania
bigzuesy34 BRONZE, Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania
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the past is the key to the future - unknown

we talked about change, you said you liked me, then i knew what you wanted i have always known what you wanted when you talked to me the way you say you want me not say i like you for you and not the rumors im hearing.but do you acctually like me for me?, no hell no all you want is sex, all you ever wanted is sex. why would you come to me for that. you called me fat you called me a b**** you freaking called me everything you could when i told you no. i wanted to believe you when you said all those sweet things about me i really wanted to believe they were true beacuse i thought you cared about me. btu all you really care about was getting laid. why is it that is all guys ever think about? men will never change for the good they will always go for the bad. its ridiculous i wish harm on all men for what they have done to young girls like my friends.

The author's comments:
guys suck.

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