Life and Death

June 7, 2011
By KABBB BRONZE, Everson, Washington
KABBB BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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As i look out on the ocean, nothin movin except the waves, starin at them has got me in a haze, that i can't escape, its to late to head back to the fam, guess im headin into the unknown all alone, while i try an press on, things are comin back that are plaguing my mind spreadind disease throughtout my brain, almost makin me act insane, gotta calm down, as i look to my right a baby crying everybody i know dying no lyin, whys the world so different, its mad amazing that when i was born, they didnt have xbox live, so you can rot ya brain away or mary jane so strong, that ya forget you gettin it on, the thin that remains a mystery is the end of the world, the way i see is that im safe if it ever happens. cuz me and the GOD are the tightest homies that ya can be. no matter what happens i can depend on him throughout my life,whether its my time or not im not gonna rot or burn in the place below, ima be up in heaven with Keegan and Kyle, but ill be down on this Earth awhile, no matter how hard the struggle i gotta remember to smile because between now and then, i have a life to live, no doubt more tragedies will strike butt ill e prepared cuz ill see whoever died again.

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