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June 7, 2011
By paytin BRONZE, Paulina, Louisiana
paytin BRONZE, Paulina, Louisiana
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Do you ever feel that a certain job is the best job for you until you spend a couple of days there, and then you realize that you have made a huge mistake? That's how I feel.
Babysitting seems like the easiest job on the planet. Especially it the children are over eight years old. A lady down my street called me to babysit her two children for the summer. I would get paid one-hundred dollars a week. I really needed the money, and the kids seemed like they could take care of themselves. So of course I said, yes.
Summer started up and the children were as quiet as a mouse.They were like perfect children. They played in their rooms, and they watched movies all day. I felt like I wasn't really earning my money by sitting down all day.So, I decided to play games with them, make many different crafts with them, and bake with them. They enjoyed everything I did.
They got very used to me in a matter of three weeks. By the third week they started screaming at me, throwing food at me, and demanding me to play with them. While I cooked lunch for them, they would run around the house knocking everything off the shelves, and they made me clean it up. The dirtied every dish in the house, and I had to wash all of them. I wanted to quit so badly, but I knew I could not let the mother down, and I knew I needed the money. So I bared all of the abuse. The next week the oldest child slapped me so hard that I had a huge whelp for days. I told the mother many of times what the children do while she is away. She said she would set them straight, but they never changed. The next month of summer I was used to the children and I learned how to control them a little better. It isn't the best job you could ask for, but I'm happy I didn't give up because if I would have, I wouldn't be able to buy the things I need.
The next summer I was called by another lady who had four kids. I admit, I was very scared to take her up on her offer, but she was offering two hundred fifty dollars a week. She told me that the lady down my street had recommended me. Once I met her children I felt better about that summer because they were really angels.

The author's comments:
Work isn't easy. No matter what the job is, it will be hard. Don't quit early in your job. Spend at least a month there. You never know what could happen in the future.

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