Cell Phones In School

June 6, 2011
By Abbey Brooks BRONZE, Spruce, Michigan
Abbey Brooks BRONZE, Spruce, Michigan
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Cell phones are in a big deal in most schools all around the world. The teachers, principals and staff find them to be a huge distraction and can even be a cause of bullying and cheating. Usually if you get caught with your cell phone schools take it away until the end of the day or send it to the office, but it also depends on the teacher. At my school for instance it depends on the teacher, some take it away for the class period, other teachers take it to the office until the end of the day and if they really want to get technical with it they call a parent and make them come pick it up.

My opinion on all of this is I think you should be allowed to have your phone in school. My opinion on this is strong because of the fact that if there is an emergency and you need to leave right away you cant depend on the office to call you down right then or for someone to come get you. Another example could be if the power went out at the school and kids needed to call home or for a ride they would have their phone and not have to worry. Also if there was a lock down at the school and the phone was in a place where you shouldn’t be because it was harmful to you your phone is usually in your pocket and you can call for help. Cell phones also have lots of neat things on them that can help with school like a calculator, dictionary, internet access, calendar, maps, and a navigation app.

The author's comments:
I got inspired to write this because im always in rouble for my phone at school and its usually im using it for an important reason.

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