Angels, Demons, and Friends

June 1, 2011
By Wonderboy BRONZE, Glenn Dale, Maryland
Wonderboy BRONZE, Glenn Dale, Maryland
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“As I walk throughout the mountains and valleys of my life I have realized I have a choice who I can be. How I live my life and how I treat others.
This is what I believe” –Ryan p.

We see them, we talk to them, we laugh at them, we laugh with them, we talk about them, Angels, Demons, and friends, WE ARE THEM. You are they. I am them. In my most humble tone, WORLD listen, Christian or not , the way of life as we know it today frankly is an embarrassment to God himself and in other ways it is hope for a better tomorrow . The lack of love and respect is depressing, the limitless fuel of hate tears us apart and the little ray of hope brings us together again. We, HIS people, are in fact the scariest, most loving, most unbearable, Angels, Demons, and friends. This I believe.

God has given every person the ability to posses the power to be a Angel, Demon and Friend. This power, instilled in us all. Is far more powerful than anything on this earth, this power is the Holy Spirit and human instinct. Good and evil. Demons are simply easy “tests” and hard “tests “that come from God. Gods gives them out in all shapes and sizes. Everyday people face adversity. The difference of who passes the tests is how we react to adversity and hardship. God wants the righteous and the mentally strong to join his army of warriors for Christ. The scariest part about a demon is that they are the hardest to spot, they are the best actors, have the best poker faces. They come with smiles, dressed in white with a outstretched hand to help you up and the other hand holding a dagger ready to slice through your heart. Life is full of them. A demon could be the person sitting next to you, or behind you, maybe the one watching you. Or maybe you could be one. I know I have been. Yes, every single person could have been or is a demon trying to dominate other people’s worlds, tearing them down with lies and deception. But, there is hope because God is love and with love, we can conquer all, conquer the demons around us and the demons inside of us. My thoughts still may sound wild, and scary. The life of a demon is uncertain, the hate that is inside demons builds up like an acid and soon destroys the vessel in which in it stored. Destroys you, the body. But thankfully by the grace of God, there is light and hope for all. Even demons.

When I served as a demon, I was “affected”. Simply I fell into peer pressure. Now, I know, from first-hand experience, that many teens full of ego don’t want to admit to falling into negative peer pressure. When I was deeply “affected” I had no idea until it was made clear to me. I believed that I was too strong, too willful and too smart to fall into peer pressure. But we all do at some point. I became a demon, hurting myself and others, once I fell it was downhill from there. Sadly being affected felt good, like the best thing that has ever happen to me. There are many example’s circulating through my mind but the one that stick out is the time my friends and I were kicked out the movie theatres in Annapolis. We went to see a comedy called the bounty hunter and we all decided to throw popcorn at people and obnoxiously laugh so disturb other people. The idea seemed so funny until multiple people complained and we all ended up kicked out and almost banned from the theatre. I was embarrassed and my parents had to come and get us from the mall early. If I had only change one decision from the start I would not have become an annoying demon and thrown out the theatre. But there is a first for everything ,and that taught me a lot.

Demon filled with sinful traits and hate, I let the poison just flow out like lava; however there was an Angel there to catch my fall. There was an Angel to hear my pleas and then love me with my sins and all. I believe Angels are the only ones who can come towards the person who has fumed the flames and kept the fire of sin burning and alive and openly truthfully say, “I still love you, and I am still here for you, I will never leave you nor forsake you.” The same words God tells His people. The words of the saving one. Angel’s traits are forgiveness, love, compassion, and empathy. Angels are one of Gods greatest creations.

God has given every person the ability to posses the power to be an Angel, Demon and Friend. Angels are gifts from God who turn our deepest darkest prayers into miraculous praises. Angels are the people who are there at our worst times, in our darkest hour. Angels are there.

Angels are all around us, friends, family and complete strangers. Angels are real, demons are real and friends are real. This year in AACS I can point out four or five angels that have helped me. Whoever calls upon God’s name will get a response and Angels responded when I pray. Random events happen that only God could have the power to create. This I believe.

Friends are also gifts from God. Friends stay for you in the hardest times and when everything is great. In today’s society the word “friend’ is thrown around so lightly; whenever demons come into people’s life’s, some friends leave. Most friends leave. But some stay, those are the Angels. Those friends should be cherished. Friends are there to make the hard time easier and the good times great. I am a friend to many, but not all. From a young age my parents told me to always choose my friends carefully and wisely, for your friends become you and you shall become your friends. I now try to be careful with who I surround myself. I know the wrong people who may seem great at the time, could be the same ones who leave me as I act like an out of control demon. I have vowed to never give up on my friends because I never know when i will end up in the same situation and need someone to lean on. But that doesn’t mean i can’t let someone go. I try not to keep someone around who doesn’t want to change their ways or be helped; I don’t want to have someone pulling me down negatively. Having a friend is a lot easier than being a friend, but with work it is possible to do both. This I believe.

God has given every person the ability to possess the power to be an Angel, Demon and Friend. I am willing to take what I have learned in the short lifetime of middle school and use my ability’s that I have been given, to help to stay true to my word and all that I believe. I am Ryan, Gods child, nothing more and nothing less. This I believe.

The author's comments:
so far in my life i have learned many lessons. i have learned that friends are so important . i have also learened its harder to be a friend than having a friend.

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