At Least I Survived

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Can’t breath.
Oxygen is pounding my face.
I just woke up, in the hospital.

Our vacation to Idaho for the Special Olympic World Winter games, was more then a vacation. My life went for a turn for the worst. I went to the hospital in the morning because I had strep throat, but it ended up to be much worse then that. My mom was rushing me into the hospital, my face and finger nails purple from lack of oxygen. I felt like I was underwater, not being able to breath. Me, not being able to control what was happening to my body. We walk into the emergency room, and they make us wait in the ER. (If it is an emergency, why would they make you wait!?). I was quickly rushed onto a hospital bed, seeing five doctors standing around me, and my mom crying in the corner, then I was out.

I wake up the next morning with an oxygen mask that was too high of pressure, so it was still hard to breath, then I realize the two IV’s in my arm. My mom and the doctor were whispering in the corner, still thinking im sleeping.

“We were surprised she survived the night, if it would have been one of us, we wouldn’t have made it, your lucky she is strong and healthy, otherwise she would have died during the night,” the doctor said in a very non-sensitive way. My mom and I start crying. I had had severe Staph Pneumonia, but they still don’t know how I got it.

I spent two weeks in the ICU (intensive Care Unit) in the first hospital, then got airlifted to another hospital, Which I spent another week at. I had numerous surgeries and I had two different IV’s in my hand, and by my collarbone. I also got blood drawn four times a day.

I was out of school for nine weeks, but luckily I had super nice teachers, and didn’t make me make up any work! Also everybody in my whole grade (about 400 kids) had to make me a “get-well” card. That made me feel so loved and I was dearly missed. It made me feel awesome, but was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me, and I will never go without a day thanking how lucky I am that I survived that.

The author's comments:
True experience!

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