5 Ways to Survive Freshmen Year

June 1, 2011
Okay so what’s the first thing you think of the first day of high school? Well it all depends on your view of school before high school, for example, you might feel scared of all the new things, people and teachers stuff like that, or you could be excited that you finally got this far. Whatever you feel or think is important; it can change your whole experience.
Be friendly to everyone, you never know what they’re like until you meet and talk to them. Also don’t have a mind set where your just out there to find a guy/girl be happy and have fun, college is when you start looking for someone to marry.

Don’t go looking for fights. You will have a lot to deal with already from grades to classmates and everywhere in between. Now I am NOT saying don’t ever fight because you will never know how to stand up for yourself if you don’t, if you get sued in the real world you have to fight for the truth. Just DON’T pick fights with everyone, nobody will like you.

Try to stay away from people who will just use you to get popularity.

Become the person who you really are, high school and middle school are all about discovering who you are. Don’t let other people change you either.

and now number five, do your very best, don’t be afraid of succeeding in school. It might not be the popular thing to do but what is popularity? When it boils down to it popularity is simply how others think of you, if you are a honest hardworking good to you word type of person that is what your reputation will be.

A child will be known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.

Proverbs 20:11

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