Keep Close You Best Friend Everthing Will Be Okay

May 31, 2011
By SpoiledBratt BRONZE, PORT ST LUCIE, Florida
SpoiledBratt BRONZE, PORT ST LUCIE, Florida
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"Life is not what you make it , you just have to make the best of it. There will be regrets but you learn from mistakes. Run your life likes its the last like you used it all up like energy in a game and play your cards right !"

Tossing and turning .

Drenched pillow .

Sleepless nights .

Paranoid as if your guilty and pleading for your right to live to breathe .

The many nights of tears falling down .

You can only think of things that bring you down that you did wrong .

Things you wish you could go back in time and fix .

Pain as if you constantly have bricks crushing you .

You walk around with a joyful smile all day but ..

Deep down you completely falling apart .

But if only you knew you can fix it you can make things better .

Ways to express yourself .

Ways to rebuild you happiness , your joy , your spirit .

Things such as your best friend .

A really close friend you can speak all truth and never hold back to .

You can hold tight and never let go .

That special someone who can make it all better .

No more wishing for a better place a new life .

Reach your hand and pull that loved trustworthy person close .

Never let go and hold on like the world depended on it .

Make the pain go away the sleepless night with the one you can tell everything .

No more pain and no more quilt .

The author's comments:
I combined love with my best friend

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