Scar Story

May 31, 2011
By Anonymous

Falling out of love is hard?Falling for betrayal is worst?Broken trust and broken hearts?I know, I know?Thinking all you need is there?Building faith on love is worst?Empty promises will wear?I know (i know) impossible by shontelle
When I was about eight years old we lived in an apartment with this one lady named Lupe and her kid named Luis Antonio. My mom said that she seemed nice so she told her that she could go to the apartment and stay there with us. They became really good friends after a while. They TRUSTED each other in everything. You wouldn’t believe it was almost as if they were sisters..but they weren’t. They had their differences.. of course they did. My mom found out the difference between her and Lupe. This was it..One day my mom and dad started fighting about who knows what they were screaming and saying names to each other. It’s amazing how I remember this it was like five years ago. They stopped fighting about what ever it was. My mom went to the living room and my dad feel asleep. I don't know why but, then my mom sneaked in the room where my dad was sleeping she took his phone. Why his phone? Because he would always hide things from her. She got suspicious. She saw that he had a new voicemail. I knew the password my mom called me and asked me to give her the password for the voicemail messages. I gave her the password. She started to cry. My mom heard messages that Lupe and my dad were sending to each other. My mom got up from where she was sitting. I heard Lupe’s door slam open and said “What is this bull?” Lupe answered “What” “You heard me listen to this message listen to’s you huh?!” “No it’s not me.” “You think I'm stupid huh? Think again I know this is you why are you denying it?”. Before Lupe could respond to the question my mom asked her she was down at my mom’s feet in a praying position.I went to see what was happening my mom said go back and sit down were you where. My mom had her whole hand tightened around Lupe’s neck. She let her go and Lupe was crawling on the floor my mom then pulled her hair and made her crawl until they stopped at the door.”Get out now!!!Get out I don't wanna see you!” My mom went back to lupe’s room and got her kid wrapped with a blanket. Lupe wanted to go back but my mom said no what do you want? Lupe said a sweater and all my stuff. No! go outside and die in the cold like you deserve! My mom pushed her out of the apartment and shut the door.
  That day I thought I would lose my parents. I wouldn’t care if my dad left but my mom, dang I would probably be dead by now.

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