The Real You

May 30, 2011
By penink BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
penink BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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There is a person inside of you; it is unchanged by society, raw and real. This person is hidden, buried by false assumptions, little by little as you grow up. There is a deep-lying need to conform within each of us, and when you satisfy that need, you become a new person. This new person is good, has good qualities, but they are not pure or soulful. The real you inside of you is hard to reach, to connect to, but it can be done. All you have to do is realize that when you let all conscious thought go; you discover that life is a reason to dance. Everything is a reason to dance. Happy, sorrowful, angry, hollow, joyous—all deep emotions are felt by the real you. And the real you is the only person who knows how to express them. But you have to give the real you free reign, don’t try to control anything it does. Be a dancer. Not a person who dances, but a person whose soul demands that their body move, and be sincere and true.
Low self-esteem. There is a cure for not feeling like you are worth anything, for feeling put down and unimportant. Dancing. It requires you to stand up tall, to be aware of yourself, and it makes you feel beautiful. It is good exercise; releasing endorphins that make you feel good. It doesn’t care who you are, how old, where you live. You can dance. You love the feeling of flying when you leap.
You feel like royalty, like someone who holds their head up, demands respects. When you finally realize there is one thing in the world that you are really good at. You finally find your niche in life. You might not build a career off this, but it can make you feel like you can do anything at all. It makes you feel noble. It can take work and lots of time. Before you know it, it has shaped your body, improved your posture, and toned your muscles. And it has shaped your attitude and character, made you confident, free, someone unique, who can do anything they set their mind to. Free from judgment, free form everything. You can dance in the department store, leap down the hallways at school, jump and twirl in the park, move anywhere any way, as long as you aren’t walking. If you fall, that is all the better, it means you were trying and really investing yourself in your movement. The best people fall, the people who understand that to succeed you need to risk something, reach out of your comfort zone. Run a little faster, leap a little higher, reach a little further. Try to be a little more than who you are.
Let the music seep into your muscles, your bones. Let it move you. The music can come from anywhere-- inside your head, from the stereo, the intercom, or the person next to you. It bombards you and begs you to move, tells you what you need to do to be one with the music, with the real world. This world is not one of lies, people and drama. This is a world of emotion, of passion, of caring and expressing. You are an artist in a constantly changing medium. You can create and create, but you might never be able to recreate the exact same thing twice. Once you have done it once, it can be gone forever. Maybe it will come to you again one day, or you will remember it. In a flash of inspiration, you have suddenly created something beautiful, something fragile, something that may or may not work the way you wanted it to. If you can’t remember, improvise; pull something out of some recess of your mind you didn’t know was there. Remove all conscious thought and let your body move on its own. Movement comes from soul to body, nothing in between, which makes it pure emotion.
You are who you are, and can be, and have been; all disguises ripped away, all the pressures and judgments. The things that remove the real you from the person everybody thinks they know, are gone. There are no lies, only passion in movement.
If people look at you funny, who cares what they think? You are going through life a free spirit, having fun. They are the ones you should feel sorry for, stuck putting one foot in front of the other in a boring walk all their lives. They don’t have the opportunity to express themselves when they feel like the happiest person on earth. They are stuck seeing this world as a world, not a stage. This is your stage, and they are your audience. You need to move like you want to be looked at, to be admired. Be someone no one really knows because she is so out-of-this-world. Be someone whose emotions show in their face. Make a fool of yourself! If you look foolish to other people, that is their loss, because you are having the time of your life. You are having genuine fun! So show the world that life is fun, show the world that every moment is a reason to celebrate, to skip, turn, and leap. Tell them that you know you aren’t average. You are more than average. You are a person who has an outlet for the joy you found when you discovered yourself, the real you.
You are versatile, not forever stuck being one person like the people around you. You can be a wealth of different characters. Any person, any time, any environment. You give your own angle to the environment you are in currently, or you can change it to be anything: a sunny street, a large theater, a real stage, a subway station, or just a studio. It can be night, day, sunny, rain, now, then, a week ago, or the future. It is easy, but it is also hard. It’s hard to remove yourself, to pretend like no one can see you when everyone can see you. It takes imagination, heart, and creativity.
When you dance, you are real, the person you were meant to be. You become creative, an artist living among ordinary people. You feel the music coming from everywhere, surrounding you. You realize that life is more fun when you dance, that you can’t believe that you spent your life an ordinary person, with only a little fun, less movement, and pale passion. You realize that you are better than you thought you were, and you have increased confidence in yourself and your abilities. You find yourself.

The author's comments:
I love to dance more than anything in the world, and writing about it was a real treat.

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