We Match

May 30, 2011
By , Rimbey, AL
For the past two years I have struggled with SI and on Sunday of YC 2011 I went to Brett Ullman's last session of Wounding Embrace. My youth leader and I were going to attend dating.for.life, but we were late so we decided to go to the next one. We had no idea what it was going to be about, but I think God placed us there to help me. His message was amazing and helped me understand what was going on with me. I may not be strong enough to stop now, but now I don't feel so alone. We sat in the front row and a girl came up to me, she just smiled and said, "We match." I saw the cuts on her arms that resembled mine and felt a rush of understanding. She didn't tell me I was crazy like the kids at school and didn't look down on me, thinking I wanted to commit suicide, like my mom, but she knew the same thing I was going through. I wish I would have said something back or hugged her or anyhting. I missed my shot to make a friend who shared my struggle, but now atleast I know that I'm not alone.

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