A Bolt of Lightning

May 29, 2011
By Conroy BRONZE, General Santos City, Other
Conroy BRONZE, General Santos City, Other
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A boy, full of blood, ran on the street helpless, and soon began to collapse. Six years have passed and a scar on his forehead remained and became a part of his past.

Mr. Sun smiled and the wind whispered a gentle hum on the face of a boy, seven years of age, one Saturday morning. He ate his breakfast with his family and there, they shared their extraordinary moments in school and in work. After breakfast, he brushed his teeth enthusiastically and as he smiled into the mirror, his teeth glistened with joy and smiled back at him. He asked permission from his parents and then, he walked out of the house happily and skipped down the street, with his friends on the other side waiting. They played for almost an hour and began to rest when they felt the strong rays of the sun. There, they made some funny gestures and began to laugh very hard. When they heard a soft growl in their stomach, they bid goodbye to each other and went home.

After lunch, they played again for the whole afternoon as the wind breezed softly and joined them. One boy felt dizzy and so he rested on the side of the street first. Fifteen minutes have passed and still, he felt the same thing and so the boy decided to go home. While walking back to home, he had an unexplainable feeling and suddenly, he lost control of his body. The boy collapsed and blood started to rush down from his forehead. His friends were shocked and they helped him. One of their neighbors saw the incident and immediately went to the boy’s parents. Upon hearing those words, they quickly ran to the site and brought the boy to the hospital like the speed of light.

After how many hours of waiting, the boy rose with a stitch on his forehead. They thanked God and went home with a smile on their lips.

The scar on the boy’s forehead, which remained for six years now, reminded him of that tragic afternoon. After all, it was just a scar. It was just a funny little accident.

The author's comments:
This article was actually a school requirement. Something about one of our unforgettable experiences...

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