May 28, 2011
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'This is the Labyrinth..'
'Where does it lead to?'
'Nowhere. It's the Labyrinth of Pathways'

You'd think one would know where they're going. Assuring onself that they're on the right track, when in the end, they get lost. Moving around. The paths of the Labryinth.
Beyond the thick, greyed coloured walls surrounding them, like an ambush from a pack of solids. You'll try to find a way out of there. Walking past through the endless, lonely passage. A sense of haunting atmosphere awaits. Following the threads and threads of hope. Hoping that one day, the scene changes. You run. Run your best. Never lookng back. The past will catch up and swallow you whole. Regrets and Accomplishments. Both killing your way.
Once you've entered the hallway of the Labryinth. You'll be forever in thoughts. Pondering over and over. Nowhere to go. No definite pathways.
'Where are you going?'
'Why are you here?'
'Are you lost?'
The whisperings of echoes filling your muddleheaded thoughts. Try to clarify- Where are you now? In the Labryinth it seems. But where to are you going? Have you found the answer? You walk through the ghastly path. Contemplating which way: The best?; The worst?. Decisions. Over and over again. Even if you have chosen the path, your mind is still heavy. Not a definite answer I see. When will you ever reach that never ending vast and dark horizon? The path that fits best. Why can't you head there?
'Because you can't'
And Why is that?
'This is the Labryinth of Pathways. There's nowhere you can go. Definite answers are the key.'
Steps are taken. One step... Two steps.. Three steps... Halt.
'Where are you going now?'
Where am I taking myself? In this deep endless route of duskiness beyond?
You'd consider the steps. Left? Right? Never turn around. You'll get lost as a result. You've known that now, don't you?
Thinking you've made the right pathways, you head on. You hum the sweet little tune you used to hear once upon a time. A faint gush of wind passed by, and you make your journey somewhere in this isolated Labyrinth.
'What lies beyond?'
You don't know.
'Yet you wonder. And wonder, in that little baffled head of yours.'
Mulling over what you would come across, the barriers between reality and dreams have aligned and you're daydreaming.
'Never daydream in this sea of a place'
Lost. That's what would happened.
It's all the same. The endless trail begins once more, and still, you have nowhere to go. No definite destination awaits you. Just more obscureness of the Labyrinth haunts you. On and on.
'Where are you heading to, little child?'
Those faint echoes, asking you. But really, you yourself isn't even sure. The words of whisper.
Time just stops. You wait. You wait for things. You wait for everything to change. But everything still stays.
Where are you heading to now?
Nowhere. Just wander off. Like you always do.

In this Labryinth of Pathways.

The author's comments:
Where are you heading to?

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