Prom: A Cinderella Story

May 27, 2011
By Elizabeth Duchow BRONZE, Delafield, Wisconsin
Elizabeth Duchow BRONZE, Delafield, Wisconsin
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It’s the day I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little girl. It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for and my chance to be a princess, if only for a night. It is a huge stressful day that I end up hating myself for agreeing to attend ten minutes before I leave. It’s senior prom.

As a little girl I imagined my prom as perfect. I imagined myself in a big, beautiful dress with stunning hair being twirled around the dance floor by my prince charming. As a little girl, I was sorely mistaken. Finding the perfect dress is a stressful feat that will seem impossible, and I promise you right now, while you may have picked that perfect, Jessica Alba hairstyle, your hair will not go as planned. And as for your prince charming, he may or may not be, but while you“bump and grind” to the beat it won’t make a difference who he is.

I thought that if I set up a group with all of my friends it would be a sure fire way to have a great time. Once again, I was wrong. My friends changed their minds about who they we going with or their date will want to go with their friends not hers, and there was drama.

However, once I got through the getting ready process, all that frustration appeared to be worth it. My pictures will turn out beautifully, and the dance itself was a good time. And while it is an event composed of overpriced food, dirty dancing, and a lame Dj, we will still find ourselves, as we are running home from the after party to make curfew, hoping that our dates will take our shoe- that one girl will inevitably leave behind at the after party-and give us that Cinderella story ending that we all dream about as a little girl.

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