Cheese Sandwhich

May 16, 2011
By A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
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It was a pretty day and I was really tired of being in math class. I wanted to go to lunch so I could eat so I could talk then I could go to recess and I liked that. It was already a good day because Caleb talked to me and I liked Caleb. He had some pretty blue eyes and pretty blond hair. Class was finally dismissed and we were going to lunch and it was pizza day! I was so hungry and I had to wait in the back of the line because the teacher kept me after class to tell me that I was being to loud. I finally get to the lunch lady and I typed in my lunch number super fast and I herd a loud eerie bell like noise. The lunch lady said “you’re out of lunch money” I looked down at the shoes my best friend gave me because her sister gave them to her when she couldn’t wear them anymore. I kept staring as I herd the lunch lady say” here’s your cheese sandwich and milk. I looked at it, two pieces of bread with one slice of cheese, and white milk. Something warm was coming out of my eyes and my sight got blurry. I knew that cheese sandwiches are for poor kids. I blinked then looked up to see Caleb staring wide eyed at my ugly crying face. I wiped my face off and ran away from him. I could feel my ears burning red and I sat down away from the kids with the devious smelling pizza and the tasty breadsticks with the chocolate chip cookies that taste so good dipped in chocolate milk. I sat far away from the kids who had new shoes every year, who had pretty shiny lunch boxes with the little snacks there mommies packed with food and love. I sat away from the girls with there ears pierced with gold earrings sat away from the girls with there pretty plaid skirts, that was the latest fashion. I looked down at my baggy pants, almost a dress looking shirt, and my shoes that you could see my big toe stick out of slightly. I looked at my cloths and than went to set next to the boys. At recesses I chased them and got scrapes and bruises and had so much fun like a normal day. I saw Caleb talking to Melissa. Melisa had long bleach blond hair that hit her real leather belt. She was wearing a solid hot pink out fit and had shiny black polished shoes. I went over to talk to Caleb but when I walked over Mellissa started laughing at me. She said “look at the dirt girl!” Caleb started laughing and replied “wow she looks like a hobo” they both started laughing and I hung my proud head and slumped my shoulders then walked off. I looked at my stupid cloths again and again and again and I just couldn’t hide the anger. It’s no fair that she’s got everything! Everyone has someone like Mellissa in there life. Someone who has everything you wanted but she or he didn’t seem to care that they had more then you wanted more then they even wanted because when you have someone like Mellissa in your life the only thing that can make them happy or completely satisfied is to make others look worse then them all the time because having everything means being petty

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