My Best Friend and my Dog!

May 13, 2011
By PapasGirl GOLD, Wahiawa, Hawaii
PapasGirl GOLD, Wahiawa, Hawaii
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My best friend was my St.Bernard. I would sleep on the floor with him at my papa's house. We would sit up for hours and I would tell him about what has happened since the last time I saw him. I would take him on walks with me, I would have him in the bathroom while I would do my hair and make up, we went everywhere around my grandfathers house. I was born in the winter and 3 days after Christmas, so I would have my birthday parties on my dogs birthday or my papas, or between their birthdays so that I was close to them. My best friend was always there and he never told my story to anyone, I trusted him and he trusted me. I got him at four and because my dad is in the Navy and we move every three years, he had to stay with my grandfather. I wish I could have spent more time with him, but the time I did spend with him was the best, I could use him as a pillow and my blanket. He would slobber on everything, but that slobber was part of him and I loved him so I had to love the slobber ass well. I wish my best friend was still here with me but he got cancer in his back legs so my grandfather had to put him to sleep, he called me up and told me. I was so confused and lost after that because I was there not even a week ago and now he has to be put to sleep. I wish I could have been there because I would have stayed with him and given him the best funeral ever. I cried myself to sleep for nights after my grandfather told me. The first time I went to my grandfathers house after my dog Jakie had been put to sleep, I ran inside and got on my keens and yelled "Jakie! I'm back" completly forgetting that he was gone and then started crying. My grandfather came over to me and was telling me how he understood how I felt because he did the same thing for a week when he would come home from work. My cousins still make fun of me because I will start crying when I am at my grandfather house because I am not there as much as they are to remember that my best friend is gone. No matter what though my heart always will have room for Jakie, he was the one I grew up with and he always would stay up late with me and would listen to me talk about my problems or how I felt about different things. He was there when I meet my real dad for the first time and he was there when my grandma had passed away. I know that he is in a better place but I wish I could have been there with him during his last breath of life. I love my best friend and he has made a huge difference in my life and I am glad that I was able to have him in my life.

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