The Butt Punisher

May 13, 2011
By Anonymous

It was the summer of 2004 where long shorts were in, girls had clothes on in the music videos, and ponytails were cool. I was a little youngster in fourth grade hanging out with my brother and the boys thinking I'm one of them. Well one day when my brother and I were bored we decided to sneak out and go raid our friend Luis's house for some food. Now this plan seemed pretty good I mean come on who doesn't love free food and more? The best part was that he was only two doors down which meant in a matter of seconds we would be munching out in no time. The only catch was that we needed to be home before five when our dad came home. Then my brother and I came to an agreement to risk it and head on out to Luis's house.

Once we stepped through his door way my brother and Luis immediately started playing games without me. I was on the couch sitting there like a loser with no friends but then finally my moment of boredom was about to end. My brother invited me to play some Dragon Ball- Z with him and Luis. Me thinking I'm thee coolest I thought I was so special because I was asked to play with the boys. Seems pretty innocent right? Well that was not the case because it turns out all they wanted to do was team up against me and make me mad. So of coarse their ridiculous little plan worked and now I was extremely upset. Well being a girl I was very hurt and the next thing for me to do was get some sweet sweet revenge on those ignorant boys. Clearly they didn't know who they were dealing with and I was about to come up with an evil master mind plan

After sitting and watching them play the game I finally came up with a genius plan.
I was going to take the cell phone from the house and pretend like my dad was calling to tell us he was around the corner. So once I replayed the plan in my head I was about ready to take this to the next level. As their eyes were glued to the T.V. I slipped out from the door with ease and headed back home. I thought this plan was great I could have done it in my sleep so now all I had to do was pretend to freak out and say my dad called.

As soon as I arrived at Luis's house I put on the panic face and knocked on the door extremely fast. My brother answered the door and asked me what was wrong. I was breathing heavily and said dad had called and he's on his way home now. My brother practically jumped out his underwear in fear panicking and pacing back in forth as if his life depended on it. Then all of a sudden a burst of laughter went flying out my mouth and tears were streaming down my face. I just could not hold it in anymore I mean the poor kid looked as if he was going to die of a cruel death. After my laugh of the day my brother was just furious with me and wanted to murder me with his bare hands. He was so angry that his eyes were trying to picture me dead but that didn't scare me.

Buzzzz buzzz! To my surprise the vibration of the phone was going off. I looked at it to see who it was calling and then my eyes were filled with terror. It was my dad on the line and It was a shocker because I knew karma was coming back to me. The only thing I could do was answer it and try to play it off as if everything was alright. When I answered the phone I could tell he was in a good mood because the tone of his voice was soft and smooth. He had asked me what were we doing and I simply replied back that we were at home folding the blankets. With that being said he told me to hurry up and get ready because we were going to go out for dinner, and he had a very big surprise waiting for us.

That little incident scared me so much my brother and I decided to leave Luis's house and head on home before anything else came up. On our walk back home I was telling my brother how scared I was when my dad called. My brother replied back and said that's what I get for trying to play a prank on them. Then I laughed and said imagine if we walked through the door and he was standing there waiting. So then me and my brother laughed about it but when we finally got to to the door step I felt the weirdest feeling in the pit of my stomach. Kind of like the feeling someone gets on a roller coaster when their heart leaps out of their chest.

Well as soon as I turned the knob on the door and opened it I saw my dad standing there waiting for us. It was just like I said karma was waiting for me and now because of my big mouth I jinxed myself. My heart just leaped out my chest, flopped on the floor, and got stepped on by my dads foot. I was just mortified and my brother was bursting out in tears. We were both speechless and my dad had finally said something to us.

He said “So much for folding blankets and going out to eat your both going to suffer the consequences” I was still in a trans so I could not respond back but out of nowhere my brother lied and said we left only for 5 minutes. Next thing I know my dads eyes were blood shot red, his teeth were grinding against each other, his legs were spread out, and the worst was about to come. When he separated his legs the hugest belt came sliding down his legs. It was a nightmare come true because this was no ordinary belt. It was one of those traditional
Mexican buckles that had rhine stones on them and had leather on it.

Just by the looks of the belt I knew my brother and I were in for the worst. The feeling in my stomach was no longer there it had traveled down to my butt with a tingling sensation. My legs were getting weaker and weaker by the second and the next thing that followed were the tears. Then finally after the five minutes of fear my dad yelled at me and said “bend over, pull your pants down, and prepare for your punishment.” To my surprise my brother stood in front of me and said “ No don't touch her” Now my dad was extremely upset he yelled at my brother to get out of the way and in a matter of a millisecond he was no longer standing up for me.

Right when I thought I was safe my brother caved in and now I was going to get it three times worse. I begged and pleaded for forgiveness and to spare my poor little bottom but my dad is just as hard headed as can be. He showed no mercy and said if I didn't bend down I was going to regret it. I finally gave in and bent over waiting for the whipping of my life. While my butt was hanging out in the open I started to have some brief flash backs thinking I should of known better and then WHACK WHACK WHACK! My butt was on fire! It hurt so bad my legs couldn't hold out anymore so I collapsed on the floor. The pain was excruciating I rolled around on the carpet crying and screaming like I was getting murdered. Next thing I know is that I see this body collapse right next to me it was my brother crying and screaming with me. We were both in so much pain there was no time to take a breather so we were basically out of air. Then when we finally got a hold of ourselves we stood up and gave my dad the dirtiest look.

My brother and I walked away and said nothing to him all night long and just went straight to bed. Then the next morning my dad came in to apologize to us and we both promised him we would never do it again. After wards our butts were still sore and we couldn't sit for days but ever since that day I told my brother if I ever sneak out with him again he better have a plan b.

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