To Ciarra

May 24, 2011
By , clarksville, IN
Each tear has its own little story for why it’s running down my face. Some are tears of joy but others are sadness and frustration.
“The green eyes we are falling from are the eyes of a beautiful young lady who has a lot of sadness built up inside her”.
I have hurt and disappointed numerous people, even my mom. Bad choices and horrible mistakes have made me lose many things. I now realize I wish I didn’t make the bad choices I made. I almost lost you, my best friend, the only one who completely understands me. You are the ONLY ONE who knows EVERYTHING about me. I’m not keeping anything from you, and that’s a promise.
As I look at you I see that out of all the people I hurt and disappointed, I hurt you the most. I see that you care a lot about me. I’m so happy I didn’t lose you because of the really DUMB mistake I made. I will always be your little alien vampire no matter what. You are my life; I would be nothing without you. Before we started hanging out a lot I felt like I was missing something; at last I feel complete. I finally have that one special person in my life I can call MY BEST FRIEND.
Now I for sure know that our friendship is indestructible.

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04.26.11 said...
Jun. 11, 2011 at 6:07 pm
the person who wrote this is a very intellegent young woman nd may people love her :)
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