The Day After He Left

April 20, 2011
By , Bloomington, IL
As I walked in to school on that brisk May morning I didn’t speak. No one did. I had never heard anything so quiet. A school of 1,113 students and as you walked through those halls that Wednesday morning you could hear a pin drop. The silence was broken by muffled cries, and sobs. Death had been walking upon us, and took a boy hostage.

He was the life of all the school dances, his smile could brighten anyone’s day. He was loved by his classmates, and his school, and now he was gone. Forever.

That day everyone wore blue in honor of him.

As I went from class to class no one spoke, and if they did it was in a whisper. The day before he had collapsed after “horseplay” in the bathrooms. He fell because of his heart. They had rushed him to the hospital, and he just got worse.

I can’t stress enough of how he impacted our school. That day almost half of the student body went home to mourn. Some never came back to finish the year.

Forever he will stay in our hearts and we will never forget the day he died, or the day after. We wished him safe travels to heaven, and never had our world felt so cold.

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