My Big Adventure

May 20, 2011
By Grant Brass BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
Grant Brass BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
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“Why should we do this?” I asked my cousin. He tells me not to worry. But I still do anyway. He reassures me “it will be fun.” I don’t believe him. He always lies. He wanted to take an adventure. I doubted that it was the right thing to do. I was under pressure. So in the end I agreed to go. It was the worst decision ever. I wished that I had just stayed in my yard and kept on playing with my cousins.

First he wanted to go and see the little piglets in the pig barn so we went there first. It was cool, the baby pigs were really small and the moms were huge. But, it smelled like rotten eggs in there. I’m not sure why it smelled like that though. We got bored after the first twenty minutes so we went on to the next place my cousin wanted to go.

Next we went to see the cattle. They were funny looking to us because they were so big. They looked like big dogs walking around. Of course I was only about eight years old and I didn’t know all the animals that were on our parents’ farm. So we tried to pet them. That didn’t work well. They all ran away. We were amused by this because we thought they were playing a game with us. We were entertained for only half an hour, then we wanted to go and see something else.

Last thing we did was go and climb in the tractors. It made us feel like adults when we sat in the seat and put our small hands on the huge steering wheel. The tractors were so big, we had troubles climbing into them. We had to help each other up. But the thrill of being in a tractor was more than worth it for two little boys. Our adventure came to a close right then and there.

We heard a truck coming. It was our parents, and they were really mad. They were searching for us. I was scared so my cousin led me to a hiding spot. Soon I got tired of waiting so I gave up and went to find my parents. They scolded me for running off saying that it was dangerous to leave without permission. Most of all they were scared, scared that I had been kidnapped or I had run off and gotten lost. I felt sorry for them. In the end they hugged me and the whole event was forgotten.

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