The Accident

May 20, 2011
By Anonymous

Nobody knew what happened and everybody was a little bit panicked. She had been on bars alone so nobody had witnessed the tragedy that had just happened.
It was the day before one of our last gymnastics meets. We were all working hard trying to make our last touch ups on our routines. Izzie and I were on beam, Gabby, Alexa, and Bre were on floor and Ambria was working on bars.
There was a bang in the back of the gym but it didn’t seem like anything serious. About 30 seconds later there was shriek followed by crying. Ambria, the littlest girl on our team, came up to our Coach waling. She was holding her arm and her hand was just dangling there. Our coach took her into the lobby to try to see what was wrong with her. Soon enough three parents went to help her too. We were left with our assistant coach and a whole lot of silence.
After what seemed like hours, they finally came back into the gym. Ambria called her dad and he was coming to get her and take her to the med center. Her arm was swollen beyond belief. You could see her bone was just about to burst out of her skin. Her whole arm was bruised and puffy. She was scared and had a nervous and panicked look on her face. She was still crying a little. I had never seen Ambria like this before; she is always happy and smiling.
After Ambria’s dad had picked her up our coach told us what happened. Apparently she was trying to do her squat on and her foot got stuck on the bar. Then she flung forward and landed with her hand backwards and smashed it. He had told us that it looked like it was broken and she would probably be unable to practice until summer, maybe longer. We were all very sad and disappointed to hear that she couldn’t perform at our next meet.

About a week later Ambria came to our practice. We were the first to sign her cast. It was up to her elbow and looked uncomfortable. She was much happier and was very glad to see us, and we were very glad to see her. She told us that the doctors had said she would be healed in eight weeks and could come back and practice with us then.

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