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May 20, 2011
By red49 BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
red49 BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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You can find my heart with country home-style meals, because it reminds me of home which is why it’s my favorite. When I was young I lived in a town called Mesquite Texas and there was a place that shaped my childhood memories.

Dona’s was the name of this little old restaurant we would always go to. Nothing fancy just a place to get some great food that we all loved. Every other Friday night my grandparents would meet me and my parents there to eat. You know you’re a usual when the owner personally waits on you and loves you like she’s your grandmother.

The owner was Dona and she was exactly the kind of waitress you see in a diner in movies; between the pot of coffee in one hand, and the pen in her short curly hair. She watched me grow up and knew my favorites, and our family loved her like she was part of our own.

Now trying to understand why a six year old would love a restraint so much, and remember even the smallest details such as the smell seems a little much. This place was my families place to be all together with good people and a loving atmosphere which made it home. Each booth had its own little juke box and I always had my quarter to play me some George Strait. After we order papa would let me go run a put a quarter in the big machine so everyone could hear. I thought I was so grown up and cool especially when my song came on.

Ordering was simple for me and my mom we split chicken fried steak and to this day is probably the best place I have ever eaten it from. Breakfast is a new ball game though, Mickey Mouse pancakes and chocolate milk.

When our family would get together we were definitely one of the louder bunches, but it was all laughter. The comfort of my family laughing is probably what made the place so special to me.

On day we got news that Dona’s cancer had killed her. For a while the restaurant’s name was the same even though they did have a different owner, but I didn’t last. I think my grandpa was the only one who went back after that. So instead of me and papa paying at the register he did it alone, and handed it to another waitress that wasn’t Dona.

Dona made that restaurant the place to be for my family. She’s gone and her restaurants not the same, but the place it use to be will forever stay in my heart. The memories will never be forgotten from the special place. Just because something is ordinary doesn’t mean it’s not extraordinary to the next person.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write the piece in honor of Dona a life long friend, and my family.

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