A Glimpse at the Future

May 20, 2011
By , Cleburne, TX
My mother rushes around frantically as I try and clean up the living room for this evening’s guests. It’s already noon and nothing is ready. We still have to pick up a cake, straighten up the house, and prepare snacks and dinner for our family that will be coming back with us after my sister’s graduation.

By the time everything was ready, my mother and I had about ten minutes to get ready and then we were off. As we took our seats next to all our friends and family, we sat and waited for the ceremony to begin. Once they were done giving the speech and singing the class song, it wasn’t too long after they began calling each graduating student that my sister walked across the stage. In the same second that she was handed that piece of paper, my mother began to cry followed by a strong applause by all of us who came to see her. It truly was a life changing moment for her, however I didn’t think too much about it at the time.

These past four years of high school I spent anticipating the day when I’m handed my diploma. Now as I begin to follow in my sister, and fathers, footsteps by graduating from the same high school I realize the significance of it. This last year went by in a flash and now I hardly have enough time to say goodbye. I’m preparing to leave all my friends, most of which I will never see again. As I start to get ready for this major change in my life, I can’t help but wish I had just a little more time.

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