Memories from the Gridiron

May 19, 2011
I can remember how I felt at the end of football season: full of excitement and ready to not have to go to practice ever again. Now that it is my senior year and all I do for my athletics period is watch all of the juniors and sophomores practice I realize that I really miss it. The seemingly never ending practices in the scorching heat, the constant headache, the feelings of accomplishment when a play goes together perfectly, and even the coaches yelling. I miss every aspect of the game even the bad things that nobody would expect to be missed. I am about to leave for college after this summer and I am seriously considering joining some kind of summer league if possible, because once you have played the game for every year since you were 10, and it has become part of your life, you cannot stay away from it. The game is almost an addiction, one that can only be shaken by suiting up in that armor and knocking people over or getting licked hard yourself and having the strength to get back up on your feet. Since I will be attending Texas A&M this next year my chances for playing college ball are a thousand to one unless I master the art of deep snapping. I would be happy with just being on the side line with my uniform on basking in the excitement and raw energy that emanates from the game, but as I said this is very unlikely. I have missed my chance to be great at the game, and I remember all the times I would give up on a play or just ease up a little, now I am regretting it.

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