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May 19, 2011
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we were just sitting in the t-pee and we just learned about all the stuff that was hanging from the roof of the t-pee there was stuff like a deer antler she said that it was most likely used for stirring soups and other stuff like that another thing we saw was hanging tobacco it was just natural tobacco then there was incense and there was a buffalo skin and it was pretty cool then there was a scooping kind of tool that was most likely used for skinning animals or something like that.

I'm sitting hear in the pasture were the crow tribe used to be its pretty cool to think that you are sitting on the grounds people used to live on and were buildings use to be and how the land scape can change so fast and i was pretty cool just to be there so you can connect to all the stuff that use to be ere but its not anymore so its pretty cool to be somewhere were people used to live.

right now i am sitting next to the river on a fallen tree
the water is giving off a very relaxing sound it calms the sole of a man
i don't know what it is about the sound of a river but its one of the most relaxing sounds in the world.

right know we are at the buffalo jump sight it was pretty cool they would start by running the buffalo down to the edge of the cliff were they would start to funnel then so when the head bull would stop so he would not go over the hill he would get pushed of by the other buffalo and they would all start to fall down the hill but sometimes and most of the time the hill did not kill the buffalo all the way so the Indians would have to run up and finish them off and then they would clam there kill and it was pretty cool to learn how the Indians would hunt before they had horses and stuff like that.

we just learned about Joe Medicine Crow and the Medicine bag this old women was out in the pasture and found this medicine bag and gave it to one to the war chief and they believed it to bring good luck because whoever had it when they went on the war path did very well and would become a war chief and this medicine bag was passed down from father to son until it got to this one son that turned out to be a drunk and when he was asleep one of his cousins stole it and gave it to his son when he passed away and then Joe Medicine Crow was the last Indian war chief to be added to the history of war chiefs i thought it was pretty cool to learn about all this.

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