Garden of Zen

May 18, 2011
By John Williams BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
John Williams BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
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The swift zephyrs of the cool, crisp, crystal air whirl and whip my hair with their gentle elegance. The beauty of the landscape is as idyllic as if someone were viewing heaven on Mother Earth. A superb sight to be seen, Lake Pontchartrain glorified the hearts of many people with its outstanding views [C]. Seagulls squeak and sound in the sweetly scented rays of sunlight. The lake front had always been my very own garden of Zen, very peaceful and extremely quiet. The simply delightful aroma created by the brilliant waves always seemed to be a positive, mood-lifting gift to all who dared to enjoy its magnificence. Even the most deteriorated moods were able to be repaired with hope and inspiration. In its natural beauty, the lake front glistened in the brilliant sun which winked at its many viewers. It was as if anyone could stare into the lake’s water forever. Not another single thing seemed to be so fascinating. The mass almost seeming to have hypnotic powers and abilities, if a watch started to listen to its magical vocals, he would be trapped forever in a state of awe and gratitude towards the calm body of water [F].

The vast Pontchartrain Lake, one of the world’s greatest lakes, called the souls of mankind into existence [D]. It read his personality and mind as if his personality and mind were written in a beloved novel. Even thinking about the idyllic, natural landscape successfully sent wondrous chills down the curved spines of every spectator. Every breath I took in the salty atmosphere refreshed not only the lungs, but the chi flow as well. Walking through the magnificently massive monumental area, it was easy to notice every single detail about the area [A]. The glorious, green, grass-covered hills seemed to run endlessly into the horizon [E]. The wooden benches, etched with the memories of millions of viewers, housed the sides of the God-given body of water. Meditation was always a great form of taking in the scene ever so peacefully.

The sounds of children and their laughter, bicycles buzzing, and dogs barking in their play filled the mind and heart with so much happiness, that there was not an end to the smiles being expressed. The wonderful lake created memories for people both young and old. The possibilities on how a person would manage their great visit to the lake front were limitless. The way one used the park’s spacious land was always different from anyone else. Someone could recall seeing people jogging for exercise. For example, any ordinary visitor of the park could remember catching a short glimpse of a couple renewing their wedding vows underneath a short pine tree. See, the front of the lake was the perfect place for everything and anything; whether someone was there to participate in a recreational event such as soccer or kickball, or to relax and allow the mind to wander about on their own. Like a kind hearted mother, Lake Pontchartrain’s arms were always out and open to all who wished to visit and observe its grace [B]. Those are just a few reasons why the lake front was so important.

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