On the Other Side

May 18, 2011
By magicrub SILVER, Asian Or Pacific Islander, California
magicrub SILVER, Asian Or Pacific Islander, California
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Whether its getting through life, a problem, or even a door, it often takes awhile to get onto the other side. Its often difficult, occasionally painful, and always unrelenting. You always wonder, "how am I supposed to get through this?" Often, I think the the same thing. And sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Just depends how determined I am. But the thing that always gets me through is thinking about what it will be like on the other side of the door, which will hopefully be better than the side you're on now. Knowing that something utterly amazing or relieving lies on the other side just pushes me through the horrors and darkness that I'm in right now. So next time when you're in a dark situation, try to find something to reach for, a hidden door revealing a secret light. A door that will lead you forward and beyond.

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