Ninjas with Toilet Paper

May 13, 2011
By Anonymous

It was Hallie's sixteenth birthday, and she wanted to do something she would never forget. Turning sixteen is an important age when growing up; it is like a step into adulthood and she wanted to make it special. So, she invited me and two other friends to California for her sweet sixteen party. The only thing we knew, was that we were going California to go to Six Flags.

Hallie, Annabelle, Mary, and I packed into the car to head towards California. We imagined spending our nights in fancy hotels and eating fancy food. Unfortunately, even though we never spent our nights in a fancy hotel, we fortunately spent our nights at Hallie's cousin's house. The house was in a nice little neighborhood with flowers and trees, nothing like what you would see in Arizona. Her family was very welcoming and her cousin was definitely someone we could all warm up to. So, instead of a nice hotel with a special dinner, we had a little house in a little neighborhood and pizza.

We waited excitedly to leave for Six Flags that day. After half an hour of sitting on a couch waiting for Hallie's mom to finish getting ready. Once we finally got to the park, I was overwhelmed with excitement. Although, I never knew the pain in having fun. Then after we got home from walking up and down hills and dealing with the extremely hot, humid weather, we were really ready to go and crash. While Mary and Hallie settled on the floor, Annabelle and I helped ourselves to the couches. After changing into my PJ's and brushing my teeth, I lazily fell onto the couch, landing on the soft pillows and blankets. I rolled around, trying to find a comfortable position to finally rest. Although, it was a little hard to sleep with Hallie and Mary quietly laughing to themselves every minute. Finally, when I was on the brink of sleep, Hallie spoke the words I never thought she would say, especially at three o'clock in the morning.

Me, being an extremely light sleeper, heard her whisper the words, “hey, you guys!” in a whispered tone. While we were all half asleep and not exactly sure what she just said, she repeated herself, “hey, you guys!” We all woke up to hear what she had to say. “Do you want to go tee peeing?”
“What?” We all asked

“Do you want to go tee peeing?” she replied.

“Tonight?” we all responded shockingly.

“Yeah!” she said excitingly.

We all didn't really know what to think, it was three o'clock in the morning, and she wanted to go tee peeing! Annabelle, not surprisingly, agreed with the idea and was dressed and ready to go before anyone was ready to answer. Mary had no objection, and I thought it would be an exciting experience, so we all got into character and dressed for the role, and jumped in the car with Hallie's cousin.

The first thing we had to do was go and buy toilet paper. By that time, it was about 3:30 and, not paying attention to the time, we were very nervous and excited at the same time. We arrived at Wal-Mart and uncomfortably headed down the aisles toward the toilet paper. We received awkward stares from everyone we could see, including the employees. We had a tough decision on our hands when we reached the aisle. Were we going to buy two packages of two ply or were we going to buy a box of one ply? We spent about ten minutes explaining the pros and cons for each of them, but in the end, we bought the two ply because, although we didn't get a box, two ply will attach to everything easier and it was cheaper. After our tough decision, we headed toward the check out counter, and once again, we received a suspicious glare from the check out lady. Once we left, we created our diabolical plan to attack our enemy.

We arrived at our target, which happened to be a friend of Hallie's cousin. The only reason we chose someone he knew, was so that if or when we got caught, the police wouldn't be called. Their house was the perfect target for tee peeing. It had many trees and a beautiful walkway for us to destroy. We began to wrap the trees in the toilet paper, connecting it to everything. We created a maze of toilet paper from the beginning of the walkway to the house. Mary left many nice little pieces of toilet paper on their lawn. Unfortunately, our plan was ruined because of something we had no control of and couldn't stop.

The enemy had neighbors with a dog that had a serious barking problem. We tried to ignore it, until I saw a silhouette of a person in the window. At that time, we literally threw ourselves to the ground. We then ran to gather all of our evidence, and ran into the get-away car. I then realized, I had left one of my toilet paper roles behind. We were all in the car but we didn't feel like our deed was done. So, we agreed that we were going to try again on another friend of Hallie's cousin. This time, the house wasn't as nice, but this house had an amazing, huge tree. We spent most of our time throwing the toilet paper up into the tree, hoping it would come back down and maybe attach to something.

I wasn't really successful in the tree throwing tee peeing strategy. Then, I finally got the toilet paper to attach to one branch, but, it ended up rolling under a car in the driveway. As I tried retrieving the toilet paper from under the car, I stupidly decided to get it out from underneath the car by unrolling it. So, by the time, I got it out from underneath the car, I had a big pile of unrolled toilet paper unraveled in my arms. I had no idea what to do with it so I tried my best to rap the tree with it. Hallie's cousin had the idea of rolling a toilet paper roll down the street; we all encouraged him to do it, so he proceeded to go along with it. Once again, our plan was ruined..

As he began rolling the toilet paper down the street, he looked to his left, and saw a women on her patio, apparently just watching us tee pee this house. It was about 4:30 at this time, and some anonymous women was outside on her porch. We never saw her from the time we began to that point in time, so, that means she obviously would have been watching us the whole time while we sabotaged this yard. The minute we noticed the women, we booked it for the car. On the way home, we could not stop laughing and talking about our crazy experiences. We finally got home at about five o'clock and and immediately crashed on the floor of the living room.

In the end, even though we never had the chance to finish anything we started, I have to admit, that was the most exciting, and most memorable night of my life. I am just glad that my first time tee peeing a house was with my best friends in a neighborhood in California.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by a personal experience that means a lot to me. This experience was the first time I felt a bit of freedom and I will never forget it.

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