The horrible ice storm

May 13, 2011
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CLICK! I was sitting in my bedroom watching t.v. when Click the lights went out. But twenty minutes before that the lights had went out and came right back on so i thought they would just come back on again but no it didn't. After they didnt come back on for about five minutes I went to my mom and dads room and asked them what happen. Alought i couldnt see anything because it was pitch black and I kept falling over things. They didnt know what had happen. We didnt think it was because of the storm because we never lost our power sense we have lived here. So i went back to my bedroom and went back to sleep because i didnt really care as long as it came back on by morning! So thats what i did because it was like one in the morning and i was really tired.

My mom woke me up the next and told me that there was no school. I was happy that we didnt have school because we didnt have power. But my dad still had to go to work and me, my mom, and my brother couldnt stay at our house because we wouldnt be able to watch t.v. or use any water. So we had to go to my grandmas and sit there all day until my dad got off work. It was very boring and there was nothing to do. When CLICK! Her lights went out. I was soo mad when the power went out because we were going to have to either find a hotel witch would of been impossible or go to my aunts house witch was way to small. But then my grandpa came and told us that they had a genderater in the garage but it needed gas. So he went to the store and bought more gas and a heater to heat the house. When then twenty minutes later the lights came back on! We were soo happy because it was starting to get cold. By then my dad had gotten to my grandmas and said the power still wasnt on so we would have to stay the night at my grandmas until the power came back on.

Two days pass by and me and my mom had just got to my house and when we walked in the house the floors were really cold. And the house felt as cold as the north pole. When i walked in my room to feed my fish and get more clothes i looked at the fish tank and seen that my fish was laying at the bottom of the tank dead. I was so mad because i had only had my fish for about two weeks. You could tell that it died because it froze to death. It smell horrible and you could see it laying down at the bottom of the tank with one fin in the air and its eyes where still open. So I took the fish and flushed it down the toilet. Then grabed my clothes and left because of course the power was still off.

When we got back to my grandmas my mom called some company and asked when the power was going to come back on. They said that the power probably wouldnt be back on until at least thursday morning. We were so mad because we thought that by that night we would be able to go home. so we waited until my dad got home to see what he wanted to do. When he got to my grandmas he said "well theres not that much that we can do besides stay at my moms again".

Which i wasnt very happy about because we had alreaday been there for two days and there was nothing to do. So me and my brother went outside and went sleding down my grandmas big hills, tryed to build a big snowman, and had a snowball fight. When we got back inside my grandma made us hot chocolate. We were so tired and we passed out while we were watching a movie. That morning i was happy because they said that the power should be on by thursday morning. We got ready and headed out the door to our house. As soon as we arrived to my house my brother got out the car and ran to the door because he was excited to see if the power was on. When we got to the step automatically we knew the power was back on because our outside light was on. We couldnt wait to get inside. When we did get inside thought everything was on from when the power had went out. We hurried up and let our dogs out so that we could go to my grandmas and pack our stuff up so that it was ready for when my dad got back to my grandmas to take it all home. When my dad got off work he came straight to my grandmas picked up all of our stuff and we were on our way home for good. When we arrived at home we were sooo happy that we would be able to finally sleep in our beds that night. I was sitting in my bedroom watching t.v. and unpacking all of my stuff that night.

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