Blood and tears.

May 12, 2011
By the_jeaz SILVER, Miami Gardens, Florida
the_jeaz SILVER, Miami Gardens, Florida
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The stage is your home if you learn how to own it.

I've faced death so many times; It was there when I woke up, followed me in the shower and waited for me while I was in school. My neighbors died and I watched... My friend, Timmy, ran out of the house to save his own life. It was in the middle night, gun shots, screams kept me awake and crying. The door slammed and a shadow raced from across the street to my back yard. Scared and terrified, I watched it climbed into my room than under my bed. Crying his little heart out, a whisper coming out of under my bed pronounced my name.
It was Tim, I held him in my arms and watched him die with a hole in his chest. I cried for six days straight. Tim is now gone. Sometimes, I feel his presence all around me; especially when I'm writing poetry because that was his favorite activity.

The author's comments:
It happened in my home country where chaos didn't stop at anything.

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