Just don't know ?

April 24, 2011
RisaLovesYouu GOLD,
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When you’re younger, you suddenly think you know what you want; when your older decisions become harder to make. When someone asks me a question, I take a moment to think. Normal. Right? Than I answer, but thinking back to every question that I have answered-the answer now is.. I just don't know? When I was younger I felt like I could take on anything, now that I think about it I was a tough little girl. Since then my heart has been broken, trampled on and torn. My skin is rougher than it was from all of the "Learning". My eyes are strained from seeing things I had no intention of seeing. My brain is out of control, making decisions that should have been made the day before. My shoes are worn out, from walking the path that I'm still trying to create. I'm clumsy and I'm young, but not as much as I was before. I used to need my parents to carry me or push me in a stroller. Now, I need a consultant to help me in this mad-mad world. If you ask me how I'm going to do it. The answer is, I just don't know?

The author's comments:
I just wrote this, feeling lost without connection. The connection is coming back.

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