Court Is In Session

May 14, 2011
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Relationships are what fuel us. The younger the age, the more immature they seem. Although, it isn’t always so happy and dandy. When passion takes a turn for the worse, everything becomes very civil. It all becomes serious when it comes to matters of the heart. Every human being is born with an instinct of self-defense, and to defend what is dear to us. Our hearts are what lead us through. All fun and games are done when a heart is soon to be broken. In my eyes, love turns into a court case.

This I learned from watching my older brother and his girlfriend. Him being the defendant and her being the prosecutor. The judge? Now that was between them two. I won’t say their names, but lets just call them Jane and Joe. Apparently, Joe had gone out with a friend, only went out for a quick drive, and came back in time for his usual TV show. Jane knew only that this friend had come over for a little while and left before the show started. The case.

Next came the testimonies. I was the first to be questioned. The room was a small room, my brother’s bedroom, and I could feel the strong emotion in the room. I told what I knew, and left the room to mine. There was a lot of talking. Not yelling, just heated talking. One side saying the other lied, the other saying it was never done that way. I couldn’t help but feel it was my fault. But then again, what was I supposed to say? I said what I knew, and it is best to let the truth run free. As far as I know, a relationship with hidden lies will never be a true relationship.

Then comes the evidence. Both seem to forget about the emotional aspect and think logically to find out what happened. At one point, “Jane” asked me at what time the friend came over. I didn’t know my brother’s side of the story, so I said what I thought. My heart sank when tears welled into her eyes. And then I wondered, “Is this what court feels like?” I didn’t know the sides of the story, and I only felt like I was screwing everything up. It was that one infamous moment when you feel like you should have never said a word, that your running mouth is what caused all of this damage.

Lastly, came the ruling. They I am writing this as they speak, so there is no ruling yet, but I felt that one moment the defendant feels when the jury walks into the room, when I heard the words “break-up”. If my heart was not already in my stomach at that point, it dropped. All of this could have been avoided had I just said the right thing or; not anything at all. Then again, this must be what a witness must feel like.

I have yet to deal with my fair share of relationships, but I hope what I have learned here today helps me throughout them. Love is unexplainable, and we all need it. Not want, but need. When it does go astray, other emotions could get thrown into the mix. Anger. Jealousy. Hate. Although, hate isn’t exactly what you would think. Many say that hate is the opposite of love, but is it? What is love? A strong feeling of emotion towards another. Now what is hate? A strong feeling of emotion towards another. Could they still be opposites? Now the true opposite of love is no feeling for the other whatsoever. No matter what happens in this courtroom today, I only hope that they leave with justice. May love be their judge.

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