HoneyBee Is Outrun By The Oldest Horse Alive

May 14, 2011
By HorseCrazy BRONZE, Davie, Florida
HorseCrazy BRONZE, Davie, Florida
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Okay, Renegade probably isn't the oldest horse alive, but...

"You know what?" I asked, turning HoneyBee in a circle, watching Pogo dance excitedly with a slightly jealous Megan.
"What?" Sam asked.
"I'm not gonna canter." I patted HoneyBee, then stopped her. Immediately the black pony put her head down to eat. I pulled her up and clicked to make her move.
"Oka-ay..." Sam looked dubious. I didn't know why. She was riding the most heroic horse ever. Renegade, a gorgeous chestnut, had survived a broken leg, West Nile Virus, and old-man-itis.
"Let's go." Barbie was the only adult on our impromptu early morning ride. Other than that it was all kids. Megan was riding Pogo, ''my'' horse, because ''her'' horse was lame and I wanted to gallop without a saddle that day. I sat insecurely on HoneyBee's leather-free back. I was having doubts already.
"Canter!" Barbie said happily. She finally got Chance, her Thoroughbred/Quarter cross through the gate. Macey, our other friend, was mounted on Etch, a speedy little paint. All horses took off at a canter, but I kept HoneyBee at a sedate trot. She didn't mind, but soon I could barely see my friends.
"Oh Lord," I muttered, and kicked the mare in the belly. She perked her ears, moved in a sidestep, and cantered quickly up the trail. It was easier than I expected, and I leaned forwards, wishing for more speed. Instead, Honey slowed down and nickered to her friends.
"Wow!" Macey looked admiring. "That was awesome!" Even Sam looked slightly impressed.
After that we cantered up and down the trails for an hour. At one point Etch's saddle pad went flying off, leaving HoneyBee and Pogo to leap aside to avoid it. Both Megan and I sat easily to these quick motions. Soon after that Sam challenged me to a race. She didn't outright say it, but she trotted really fast on Renegade. I kicked HoneyBee into a canter. Renegade trotted faster. I was bewildered. Sure, I was bigger and slightly heavier than Sam, but Renegade was going at a slower pace than HoneyBee, and had the disadvantage of a saddle.
"Yee Haw!" I yelled, trying to incentive the mare into going faster. HoneyBee galloped along the fence rail. Renegade dropped behind, and Macey and Etch took his place, easily keeping up. I suddenly realized that HoneyBee wasn't slowing down, and was making a beeline towards the fence. I hauled on the reins. HoneyBee shot through the gate, and then slowly dropped to a trot, then a walk, and back to the barn.

The author's comments:
I don't really hope people /get/ something from this, but if they do they have a great philosiphical mind. I think that this story says that if you doubt yourself, you can miss out on a lot of fun, but if you don't, you may discover that no one can outrun the Olden Goldie!

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