Being strong and thankful for it! Thank you dad!

May 11, 2011
By PapasGirl GOLD, Wahiawa, Hawaii
PapasGirl GOLD, Wahiawa, Hawaii
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You never lose by loving, but you always lose by holding back.

I am 15 and my dad is in the Navy. As I have been growing up my dad has been making sure I can stand up for myself. I don't have any brothers, so I can't relay on them to help me when I am having problems with friends. So my dad has been "training" me to stand up for myself. So when a guy runs into me and tries to pick on me and pull all the crap that the other girls take from him on me it doesn't work because I have been raised to be strong and not to take a guys crap. I have heard girls complain about having to do push ups and having to lift weights, I mean grow up you aren't as weak as you think you are. You may not have a dad that pushes you but if you don't stand up for your self you become a target for PEople who like to pick on the weakest PErson. I can do several push ups and I am thankful that my dad won't let me quite what I have started. My dad pushes me to my limits and he will pick on me until I get him to stop. I know what it's like to be the one being picked on but over the years my dad has helPEd me. I am thankful that my dad has helPEd me become the PErson I am today. Girls you CAN do push-ups, you just don't WANT to do them.
I love to play sports and I love PE. I know its weird to hear a girl say "O I love my PE class." I like to play sports in my PE class too because then you can get boys and girls on a team. When you have those girls that think they are to good to play a sport, they really aren't. The truth is that nobody is "to good" to play a sport, there is always something you can improve on.

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I hope girls will realize that we can do whatever guys can do and that they can do push-ups, play sports, stand up for themselves, and that they can be as strong as they want. You don't need a guy to defend you all the time you can do it yourself.

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