My Life is Changing

May 11, 2011
By Anonymous

I tried to ease my nerves by listening to music, but it didn’t work. Sweat was dripping off my palms, my eyes were filled with tears and my body shook every time I heard foot steps down the hall.

What would I do if the test came back positive? My life would change forever. I waited for what seemed like hours. After test and blood work I couldn’t bare the anxiety any longer. I took a quick glance at my parents, they looked like a ghost. Mom was in tears repeating over and over “My baby! This can’t happen to my baby.” Dad tried easing her with the touch of his hand but deep down I could tell he was thinking the same thing.

I was always a normal kid. I played outside all the time, loved the dirt and always came home messy and all bruised up. However, in just one day my life seemed to change. I woke up one morning with a terrible fever and sicker than ever. My mom came in and she could immediately tell something was wrong. My pale face droopy eyes and ashy wet skin couldn’t lie. I showed mom a bump on my leg that appeared about a week before. I didn’t really understand her reaction of grabbing me out of bed and rushing me to the hospital. The doctor had the same sad, scared look as my parents.

I took test after test to lead me to the doctors office where I now sit, awaiting the results that could change my life forever. If the test was positive I would begin my fight, my fight to regain my life. If the test was negative my life could go back to normal. “Please be negative. Please be negative. Please be negative.” I repeated this to myself over and over until I saw the door handle turn. My heart stopped, my face turned white and my head started spinning. The doctor walked in with a smile. “It’s negative!” I couldn’t say anything I just nodded in acknowledgement. Everything went blank as the doctor explained to my parents what had happened.

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