Just a middle school crowd

May 10, 2011
I used to be able to walk down the halls as if I ruled the school, no one ever crossed in my way. I had all the friends everyone wished they had all the time. Some would say I have to many friends or that not everything is meant to last. Well I had no idea they were going to be right.

This was around 7th grade, maybe 13 or 14 years old. Now the friends I had, differed from 6th-8th grade. I was what you could call "one of the popular crowd", but that's only half true. There was a crowd that had no name but it ruled most of the school. I was part of that no named crowd and so were my friends, or so I thought friends.

We all did everything as a group and if we had separate classes we were to meet up right after in our meeting spot. And if one of us did anything out of the loop we were punished, banned from the group for a whole week and was to be ignored by everyone. That's where I messed up and was banned. But I didn't think this would last, I didn't think everything would burn on me or that it would break me down so fast. This is what I did and I didn't even mean to at all.

The leader, queen of all but had no king to lead by her side asked me of all the others in the crowd to hunt for her king. She told me who, where, what, when and why. But when I heard his name my heart broke in two, mind spinning and the only words that came out were "yes, of course".

The next couple of days I had a lot of trouble getting his attention, considering he had 10 girls on him at a time. Finally when we caught each other's eyes he came up to me, he finally came up to me. Before I could anything he spoke those words that made me wanna fly high, but I knew oh I knew that those words would have the queen lose control and I would be her target.

When it was my turn to speak up the random words came out. I told him about the queen and asked him out for her, but when the answer was said it was said and he wouldn't change his mind. He wanted me all along, he couldn't understand why I pushed her on him and not myself. I tried to explain it didn't work he still came after me.

I started to look around and bam it hit me hard in the chest. He was there standing right by the locker we were at. He gave me a look and pulled me aside and then I knew it he had overheard everything. He ran up to the queen and told her then the next day bam again it hit my chest all over again, I was banned and not for a week, forever was the word used.

A few weeks pasted and everything got worse and worse. Then months went by and soon the year was about to end. I thought to myself, middle school will be over, calm down and high school will be up next. A whole new crowd of people and this will be my new start. And hey, who knows maybe just maybe this new start could end as a great beginning to my new life.

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