An Important Change

May 9, 2011
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In life we all go through changes we may like or not like, but we all have to change for the better. The changes in our lives will occur whether we want it to or not. I personally went to through many changes in my life that I did not like, but we all go through them for better or for worse. Life throws us hurdles, challenges, and hardships we must all face and to get through them is with perseverance and a strong will. The biggest change I faced was leaving my country to live in America for the first time. It was a very hard time for me because I faced challenges which included learning a new language, dealing with stereotypes or racism, and adjusting to a new country.

My biggest problem was learning this new language which was the most hardest things for me to do. When I first got here, I did not have any friends and it felt like being in a storm without an umbrella. I felt alone and helpless, but I met other foreigners in my ESOL class and they also had different languages, so I knew I wasn't alone. I remember my parents telling me that it would get better if I worked hard in this new place and I did. It took me a lot of effort and time, but I was able to learn the language, and its slang so it all worked out in the end. I was able to make many friends, but Life got harder as time passed, but it will all paid of in
the end.

The next problem I faced was racism and stereotypes. Once 9/11 occurred, I noticed that all my class mates were avoiding me and they would blame me for what happened. The stereotype of Muslims being terrorists which are completely untrue, yet it still occurred. I know that I am different from everyone else and I am proud of being a Muslim and being different. It was a hard time for me because my teachers would try to help, but they made it worse than it was supposed to help. I remembered I used to get bullied because of my last name and that I was the reason that innocent people died. This country is a struggle to live in and I just ignore what they say and try to live in this country. This was a difficult time for me because I really did not have any friends in New York during the time 9/11 occurred.

Finally my last challenge was to get adjusted to America. The beliefs and standards in this country were a lot different compared to the country I was living in. The food, the people, and the customs were different and it was really hard for me to assimilate into this new place. It was hard for me to get adjusted including the weather because in my country it is almost always warm, yet in America it can get really cold. I had to adjust to this new city life because I have always lived in a village, so it was a big change for me. It was very different and I personally believe that many people around my age take their education for granted. In my country it is really hard to get an education and to even become successful. I learned that I was not alone during this time because my parents had to give up their home land. They came here and are still struggling now to make sure I have a good education.

In conclusion, the hardest challenge I faced was coming to America. It was a new place and a new experience. I had to face struggles and hatred, but I still prospered. I came to this country to get a good education, and I have come far. When I came to America it was difficult because I had to learn a new language, face racism or stereotypes, and get adjusted to this new place. I was bullied and made fun of and I felt so alone, but I was never really alone. It was a hard time for me, but I preserved and all my hard work paid of in the end of it all. This change was very big for me and I faced many problems, but I learned a lot from it. I am grateful that I came to America because I was able to face so many challenges and I learned many things. This change was something new for me and it was something that changed my life.

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