His Little Angel

May 8, 2011
Why should one consider themselves to be daddy’s little girl? To me, someone considered daddy’s little girl never wants to leave their father’s side. I was always by my father’s side growing up. I was able to memorize every precise feature about him. You can tell you’ve reached his last nerve when his ears turn red. He doesn’t like to smile too much, so instead his eyes will get bigger as his face softens up. When he does smile, you see a row of imperfections but it makes it that much better. I haven’t seen that frustrated face or his crooked smile for many months since my parents signed the divorce papers. Divorce seems to have become a factor of life for many families. Children never want to see their parents split up and parents never want to see their children suffer from the spilt. But it happens.

The news that my father was moving to what seemed like the other side of the world weighed heavily on my shoulders. Living in New York with my mom wasn’t the same as it had been when my father was around. It’s different being in his presence than video-chatting with him on skype. Sometimes when he calls and I hear his voice, I begin to tear up and feel my heart pull me across the United States. Living without his presence makes it excruciating to get through life. It’s almost as if I’ve lost the other half of me. I always wonder why I had such a pull towards him. It’s never made sense to me.
I broke my mom’s heart when I told her I wanted to leave her. We went through an uneasy custody agreement process and finally came to the conclusion that I would be moving to Idaho with my dad on July 26, 2011. When I arrive in Idaho on that day, I hope to see that imperfect smile on my dad’s face. The tightness I will feel when he reaches around me and brings me to his heart will be the most memorable moment I will have had in many years. I will always be my daddy’s little girl, even if we’re miles apart.

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