May 9, 2011
By Anonymous

My life, is and was full of surprises. everyday, i use to lay awake in bed wondering. Wondering, what are people going to think of me today? Is everyone going to turn on me all of a sudden? Am i hiddeous today? what if someone punches me today, because im different? life use to be so hard, i didnt want to go to school, because everyone made fun of me and always hated me. They judged me before they even got to know the real me. I was scared to do sports, and i was afraid of doing my work on time because people would call me a know it all. until, one day everything changed. I transferred schools, because i couldnt handle it anymore. Once I transffered, it was one of the scariest things ever. My family was dissappointed because they wanted me to stay at the normal high school. They didnt understand, but as long as i understood why i was doing what i was, i knew i was going to be ok. so i had a couple of friends that went there so i asked them for their help and then once i got more comfortable, i started to fit in. I had a bunch more friends then i have ever had. I had learned how to play basketball and i wasnt half bad. I wasnt the best, but i wasnt the worst either. I forgave the people who didnt deserve to be forgiven, and now my family and i are closer then ever. they understand now, and they love looking at me everyday and seeing my beautiful bright smile. I have an amazing boyfriend now, and lifes just going great, and people who say life isnt perfect, those people are right, its more then perfect.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this piece was that, i needed to express myself somehow and this was one way how to do that.

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