May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

There we are sitting at lunch. Our crazy table discussing randomness while Austin, of course, raps and dances. I was a little down although happiness was all around me. Finally Becca was like, “What’s wrong?” “I don’t know what to do for my sweet 16 party!” I walked away and went to the bathroom.

“OMW! I’ve got it!” cried Becca. “WHAT?!?!?!?!” everyone else asked. “What if we threw Lisa a surprise house party? She’s always said that since she IS so sheltered she wants to have or just go to one, so why don’t we throw her a surprise one so her parents can’t say anything???” Everyone was amazed at her brilliance and were ready to make it happen. “Lexa,” Becca instructed, “you’ll be in charge of music. I can imagine she won’t want drinking, sex, or rap so you can get on that….” She went on to give jobs to everyone, right when I came back. They all stopped and started eating so I thought I had something on my face. Lunch was pretty quiet after that…..

Bell rang and we all went our separate ways. My birthday’s in 5 days and I am continuing to be down about it.

Three days later and I still have no ideas, so I decided just to not have a party. Even if I were to, everyone said they were busy! =( Well, oh well. The best day of my life will just be the worst day instead.

Friday comes. I’m just sitting at home and around noon Becca invites me to her house for a sleepover. I have nothing panned so I ask my mom and she says sure. Becca picks me up and says she’ll drop me off at maybe noon on Saturday. Mom’s thankfully okay with that.

I get in the car and Becca’s all smiles like she is when she knows a secret or something. “Whaaaaaat?” I asked. “You’re just gunna love me,” she replied. I looked at her skeptically and just assumed that maybe she had made me a cake or something small but sentimental. Yeah, I was wrong.

She said to go ahead in because she had forgotten her bag. I kinda shrugged still in my depressed state and slowly opened the door. As soon as I stepped in a roar rang in my ears; I barely made out the word “SURPRISE!” I had to blink a few times but I finally realized that Becca was smiling earlier because she had thrown me a house party. There was a banner with sweet 16th written on it and all of my friends plus a lot of the high school were there. I just gaped my mouth open with the biggest smile I think I’ve ever made. They all kinda laughed and then music started playing. (I got a Feel’n) Everyone went around doin their own thing as Becca came to the door and hugged me from behind. Lexa, Lensy, Amy, Penny, Jordan, Maddi, and Bailey all came up and hugged me as well. I started tearing up and thanked them all a thousand times over again. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. That feeling ended when people started coming up to me and congratulating me and talking to me. It was loads of fun.

I went to the table in the kitchen and got some chips and a soda can outta the cooler next to the table. Then pizza came and we all kinda stood around and ate dinner or you could’ve gone in the living room and watched a movie. (Tangled/you’ll see why later) Then it was cake time. It was an amazing cake and I loved it; I blew the candles out and everyone began getting their slice and eating it wherever.

A couple minutes later the music started up again, but Tangled was still going. I was just about to walk over to Becca and tell her how much of a great friend she was, when the intro to “just the way you are” started playing. I looked over to the cd player and saw Mike walking away from it. He stretched out his hand and asked if I would slow dance with him. (since everyone else had started to) I smiled and said yes. As we danced I asked him why he was doing this if he told me that he didn’t like me. “I lied ok? I was a stupid chicken and I’m so ashamed. I was stupid for not being with you when I had the chance. Can you ever forgive me?” I nodded slowly and he was so glad. The song was over and the song from Tangled started playing. He looked at it and then leaned in my ear and started singing it to me. “And at last I see the light; and it’s like the fog has lifted. And at last I see the light; and it’s like the sky is new. And it’s warm and bright, and the world has somehow shifted. All at once everything is different, “ He leaned away and looked right into my eyes, “now that I see you.” He leaned in for a kiss and I kinda leaned away. It totally ruined the moment, but he understood. Then I kinda smiled and he somehow understood what I was telling him so he gave me a gentle and sweet kiss on the cheek. I started tearing up and was so happy that I didn’t know what to do but smile and enjoy my moment. The rest of the night was loads of fun, I returned home, and nobody even knew what had really happened. LOL ;) Oh the cleverness of my friends! I love them so much!

The author's comments:
this didnt'e actually happen....I wish it would though! lol and the people's names aren't real....they're based on people I do know though, but I changed their names....

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