The Great Mystery

May 2, 2011
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The future is like the roll of a dice, no one can ever know the outcome for sure. It has always been a mystery to everyone. People build their whole lives around what they want their future to be and it might not ever turn out the way that they wanted. Someone could do everything that they were supposed to do and nothing turns out right, but on the other hand someone can do absolutely nothing right and they could end up with the best life ever. There’s no telling what your future will hold. Now imagine being able to uncover the mystery and know for sure what the future had in store, it would be wild.

There are good and bad things about knowing my future. If I knew my future and it was how I wanted it to be wouldnt’t have to worry as much about the little things and it could help me relax. This could also lead me to become lazy and not motivated because of what I already know to be true. If it wasn’t the outcome that I was hoping for then I would frantically try to change my future and re-shape my whole life. That could lead to many things that I probably wouldn’t want happening. I could end up losing friends and family members because I would be so obsessed with trying to fix my future. Another advantage of knowing my future would be that I would be able to take more risks. Since I know that I would be alive I could do things that I might not normally would’ve done if I thought there was a chance of me dying. On the other hand if I found out that I was dead in my future that would be a disadvantage because wouldnt’t be able to think about anything other then that. wouldnt’t be able to function in life knowing that I was going to have an untimely death. Knowing what the future holds can change lives in many different ways.

I do not think that I would personally want to find out my own future. I like to believe that I hold my future in my own hands. If I found out what my future would be for sure, and there was nothing I could do to change it then my belief would go right out the window and then I would feel like there is nothing that I could do to change my future. I would have no desire to work towards anything and it is too fatalistic for me. Also if I found out that I would be dead in my near future then I would be terrified of everything and would have no idea what to do anymore. I’d practically become a zombie and stop taking care of everything that might have mattered to me before. I think that the negatives just out weigh the positives too much in this situation and it would not be worth it to find out my own future.

The future sure is a marvelous thing. Everyday people try to think of ways to find out their own futures or just the future of the world in general. They go through crazy procedures or try to look for patterns to help them predict the future, but the truth of the matter is that no one can actually tell exactly what will happen in the days to come. For me, I just want to live life and see what happens as it happens. I want to live life to the fullest. My future may be good or it might end up horrible, but in the end as long as I did my best I’ll be happy with myself.

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