Life As A Klutz

May 2, 2011
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Wake up in the morning. Breakfast time, should be interesting. Grab the eggs from the refrigerator. Check. No accidents yet. Walk to the stove like I'm walking on hot coals. So far so good. Break eggs into the skillet, lack of hand-eye coordination causes the eggs to miss the skillet making a mess. Aim for an easier morning meal. How about toast? I can't really screw up toast. Bread in toaster. Jelly on toast. Toast to mouth. Great job, I successfully ate breakfast.

Get ready for school, and as I go out the door I trip on my own feet. Awesome, I love fresh grass stains on my jeans. Unlike most days, I actually catch the bus and successfully make it up the steps without stumbling. Walk to my regular seat; right foot, left foot, repeat. Mundane tasks become giant obstacles when your a severe klutz.

School days drag on with worries of looking like a complete idiot. My school should have elevators for kids like me, not escalators thought because those are dangerous for my kind. Unfortunately stairs are my only option. Top floor locker, bottom floor class; this could be a challenge. Take the dauntless first step. Second step. Third step. Pick up my lead foot for the fourth step, when I lose balance and take a tumble down the stairs. Books fly, glasses brake, jeans rip down the back, and by standers begin to laugh at the sight. Just another day in the life of a klutz.

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hebls said...
Jun. 30, 2011 at 4:05 pm
Hey I just wanna say i really like thecomical and realistic point of view of the story.I have to say i laughted when i read it!Very good job keep it up and if u like maybe u can read some of my stories tehre not ery good but i want comments so i can improve. Excellent story!!
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