May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Putting things first never hurts. Prioritizing your goals is one of the key ingredients to success. If you don’t prioritize and put your goals in front of you it can also be the key ingredient to failure. This is why prioritizing is important and proactive to the people who set their goals in front of them not behind them. Prioritizing can also help relieve stress. For example if you try and cram a 3 day project into a 1 night project, you will work late and won’t get any sleep. Without this sleep you will probably be sleeping in school and this will affect your grades.

I am someone who at times can put things off and wait until the last minute and then start to work. When I do this it has been very unproductive and the work usually comes out sloppy and incomplete. While trying to complete these assignments it has taken a toll on my sleep. Getting a good rest means a lot because you will most likely be more productive in school and you will even have more energy to accomplish the academic and social tasks a person may encounter. In doing this your work ethic will lead to many great things. I once decided to put off an essay and instead to play on my computer. Three hours later I was watching you tube clips with nothing written down on my paper. Eventually I forgot about the whole thing and the thing. Youtube clips aren’t worth the embaressment and the toll on your grade is not worth a youtube clip. What hurt the most was being the only one without the paper the next day.

Prioritizing is also something that is very important to my family. We all have our jobs to do in the house and we try to get everything done first so we can have more time to have a family movie night or a game night. Prioritizing can also relieve stress at home and give you a feeling of accomplishment. One of the main reasons to prioritize is to relieve stress from our daily lives, and stress can be a problem in our school. My Dad once said” if you prioritize and do what you have to do your career, life, job will be so much easier.” Why add stress and lack of sleep to your daily agenda when you can have the best learning experiences without the added, constant feeling of worry.

This method that I spoke about is used daily by the active members of our community. Using this method will help people in life and even create a stress free environment, and everyone knows that New York people are always stressed out! Using these methods I think I can become a better person and help my peers out with their problems making our classes and our daily schedule that much easier. If you look back at all the people who went to successful colleges and went on to live happy life’s I will guarantee you that they all worked hard in school and it paid of for them later, so now they sit and live on private resorts. This is why prioritizing can make you a very successful person or it can drag you down. This is why prioritizing is important to me.

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