May 4, 2011
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Sitting on these hard bleachers, I watch as another class picks up the purple butterfly title, which only the students can fully understand. As purple butterflies, we learn to fly. In five years, I change from a awkward girl to a confident woman. The girls, shaking with excitement across the familiar gym floor cannot even imagine the beautiful life ahead of them. From the flower gardens to the prickly bushes, butterflies remain strong. Instead of complaining, they look for a butterfly with a broken wing, and carry her to happiness. As purple butterflies, we are beautiful, inside and out. We love with all of our hearts, smile on even our bad days, and care about everyone we meet. A butterfly is strong. A butterfly is unique. A butterfly is special. Most of all, a butterfly can bring people together, and together, butterflies bring joy to all who see them. So, as I sit here with my butterflies around me, I am more than happy to invite more butterflies to my family.

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