Strangers really do have the best candy

May 4, 2011
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I will never forget the time when I learned that strangers are bad. I’ve always been the type to walk up to strangers and freely talk to them. Hey, I still do it. But I remember when I was like five or so, and there was this random man with kind of longish brownish hair and a peach complexion was walking around O’Hara court drive. He was unfamiliar to all of us kindgartners and pre schoolers, but our street was super friendly. He told us he had lollipops and sat with us in the grass for a bit. He seemed so friendly and really did make an effort to get along with us and gain our trust. Eventually it was dinner time around 5ish or so, and we all had to go home and eat dinner. We were promised by our parents and babysitters that maybe, just maybe we can come back out and play some more. An hour later, there were two cop cars, and that ‘friendly man’ was being escorted to one of the cars and his hands were tied together with handcuffs. He did attempt to kind of wave to us all tied up and say goodbye but the cops escorting him told him to “Hurry it up.” Our new friend was leaving us just as quickly as he came.

Apparently he tried to break into the corner house and assault one of the teenage girls. I was shocked. How can a man who looked so kind and share lollipops with us be a bad guy? He looked so friendly and had nice, soft clean hair that went side to side. And he wore pretty clothes that looked ironed and pleated. His smile was also quite warm and inviting. I think it’s especially funny because parents always warn children not to talk to strangers or if strangers offer you candy, do not take it. And this man was a cliché of the typical stranger minus the whole white van.

“That man seemed so friendly. He was so nice too! Why’d they take him to jail?” I asked my parents. “Well just because he looked nice and was nice, doesn’t mean he was completely nice.” My mom told me. “And remember, if you get funny feelings in your stomach that tells you to stay away from someone, please do. That means they are most likely right. Leave the person that makes your stomach feel weird and your heads shouting “LEAVE” and come tell us.” said my dad. “But I thought strangers were just friends we’ve never met?” I said. “Well they are, its just some friends are creepy and pedophiliac or just plain nasty.” said my mom.

After that, I guess I tried to be a little cautious on whom I talk to and such. But then as we got older, social network sites became more and more popular. Even then, I still try to be cautious on what I put up online or whom I befriend because it is just like letting a stranger into your home. Strangers can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore strangers completely, that’d just make you a plain loner and you’ll never make friends. All in all, it’s good to choose wisely.

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Volleyballgirl12 said...
Feb. 19, 2012 at 2:53 pm
Great job! The story had great message!
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