My new Neigbors

May 4, 2011
By , Parkesburg, PA
There are always new people moving in across the street from my house. The first people that I knew that lived there was the Hershey family. There was a mom, Ms. Hershey, no dad, and three girls, Rachel, Faith, and Anna. Plus there three cats, Snowflake, Tiger, and Mattie. Also their dog, Benson lived there. They lived there before my family moved there, but I don’t know how long before.

When Anna was about nine years old, her and her family moved away. The next people that moved in, I think were Italians. My family and I didn’t know them very well. When they left after about a year my ex. best friends moved in. Megan and my next door neighbor were friends at first, but then Megan started to hang out with me. Then some people moved in down the street, and they had four girls and two boys. Megan stopped hanging out with me and hanged out with her and my three little brothers. I got really upset because I thought she was my friend.

Then the people down the street moved and Megan still hung out with my brothers. After a while she was becoming mean and rude. She always hit my brothers and acted like she was better. So we all just stopped hanging out with her. None of us hung out with her for a couple of months. Then I went over to her house because she had nobody but her step sisters to hang out with. Her sisters only came over for about two weeks, once a month. Then she again stopped hanging out with me and went to my brothers. But they didn’t hang out with her for that long.

She left about a couple of months later because her step dad was cheating on her mom. Then about a month later her step dad left. Now we got new neighbors. It’s a family of five and their dog. I’m friends so far with the two youngest. I met the eldest sister once, but we don’t really know each other.

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