love meets again

May 4, 2011
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In August Emily and I want to the Buck with her mom. The Buck is like were moster trucks do races and stuff. I just went because Emily told me that there are hot guys there. It was a very hot day and we had to go earlier because there would a long line. We got in but it took a little long but we were happy that we got there before it started. We were setting down but then me n Emily went to walk round n ment up with with her friends. Then we were looking for one of her friends sister and then that when i saw Dustin. I was text Emily friends for his nukmber and asking from he single. I got lucky , he was single and then the buck was over and i started to text him got to know him. Then we started to text each other and i just to like him even more and one he ask me out. I said yes so we want out for a little but one day i could go to the buck but the one day im not there want wrong. Well his ex girlfriend thought it would be so funny to do a she took his phone and called me. She started to said he did this to her and she did this to him. I throw my phone on the couch and run in the bathroom. Cryed my eyes out but i started to fall for him but i should have my friends start to out mean words to the her becasue they aren’t happen that i was hurt and i was crying my eyes out. After then hung up the phone on her then they called back but it wasn’t her it was Dustin and i went off on him and i said it was over and i trun to my friends and them look that my funny i was like what wrong. They said the were so supriesed that i had that in me that, saying all the bad words. I was crying a out for like the whole day but the thing is he keep and my friends were telling him to stop calling me but he was trying to tell them he was a joke but my friends didn’t belive him and i didn’t even want to talk to him and wasn’t going to stop calling until tell he got to talk to me. I just truned my phone off because i got tried hearing him calling me. Then my and him didn’t talk agin for a very long..........................................................................................................

Five month later. I was in my room watching tv and i got a text from my friend Courtney that i meet that the buck and i haven’t talked in a long time. We were talk and for like five and she say the name Dustin. I was not happen that she said his name i keep reading the text message and she said he wants me to text him. I asked her why he wants me to text, she said she has not clue that all. I texted him and everything changed once i text him it was kind of werid because he my ex and haven’t talked in five month. t got on facebook and i saw a picture of my me that the buck and it said people were commenting on the picture. One of his and my friends said say still talks to me. She was one of the people that commented on it and Dustin said to Courtney to tell me to text him and i comment on it and said i miss you Courtney. But i got off of facebook and want back to my day. We talked for like a for a week and we were still talk but we were running out of things talk about. But it was a Saturday and i was that my friends house for a sleepover we want to Trukey hill to go to the red box to get movie so when we came back we were watching one of the movie we got and i get a call and i didn’t know who would be calling me until i looked that my cell phone. I ask her if it is ok to answer my phone she didn’t care that and it was Dustin. I said hello and me Dustin were texting and he asked me out. When he said that i stoped talking and i told him to hold on. I asked my friend what to do and i told her what happen last time and she said thats the past and i should forgive. I got back on the phone and i said yes but i told him that if he does what he did the last time i well never talk to him again and my friend well beat him up. So he been coming to my house and are first month webeen together im going to his house. I write him a note about us, how i feel and i give him a picture of me from spring picture day plus he wanted one. But i was talking about a promise ring from a boyfriend and Dustin said he was going to give me one but i could see what it looked like. So the day comes when i get my ring and when i get there i got happy to see and for my ring. I couldn’t open the box so it made look dumb. But i got it open and i saw the ring and i loved it but the one thing i didn’t was when he took the ring, got on this near and put it on my ring finger. I couldn’t stop smile tthe rest off that night. But that all u need to know for now. O NO wait we been goin out for two month tow weeks and four days.

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